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Monster and SDJ Technologies enter into memory storage deal
Monster and SDJ Technologies have come together to develop a new “Monster Digital” brand that will handle memory storage needs, which seems pretty out of whack considering how Monster’s expertise lies in rolling out high-performance headphones more often than not, although they do make forays into connectivity solutions and consumer electronics accessories.

NES Controller USB Flash Drive
If you are a geek at heart and grew up with video games from the 8-bit era, then surely the NES is something you cherish during your younger days. Granted, the super pixelated graphics are extremely outdated, but somehow, firing up an old classic or two once in a while still brings a smile to your face. Just like your first love whom you cannot forget, the NES with its […]

The Duet is a USB flash drive cum vibrator
We all know that sex sells – and this time around, here is something rather interesting, a USB flash drive that also doubles up as a vibrator. Known as the Duet, this memory stick will target the ladies, coming in an extremely discreet form factor that is powered by (what else) the USB port on your computer – not to mention being able to stash away up to 16GB of […]

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks hit the 8GB mark
For the majority of us, we tend to have at least one USB flash drive handy with us at all times – after all, you can’t really tell whether you need to transfer data from a colleague’s notebook or computer, or perhaps send a file over to your mate without going through the intranet. Unfortunately, most USB flash drives are rather ordinary in their design, taking on the now famous […]


Apple reportedly shipping USB sticks containing OS X Lion
When Mac OS X Lion was first announced, it was also mentioned that unlike the previous incarnations of the operating system, it will not be available in CD format, which meant that users who wanted to install OS X Lion will either have to download it or get it on a USB stick, which costs about double what the downloadable version costs.

KINGMAX PD-03 USB flash drives look trendy
Looking for a new set of USB flash drives? We know that USB flash drives don’t need to look particularly flashy or eye catching as they’re just there for storage purposes. While this may be true for the majority of us, there are actually some out there who find uses for their USB flash drives that go beyond just storing their data, and use them as fashion accessories – hanging […]

Silicon Power Touch 835 USB flash drives are rugged
While some of us use our USB flash drives for school and for transferring files within the office, there are probably some users out there who require USB flash drives for other reasons that may involve going through some rough terrain. Perhaps an engineer who has to constantly visit construction sites, scientists doing research in harsh environments and perhaps even the military.

ISOstick USB flash drive tricks computers into thinking it's an optical drive
Despite how Apple claims that optical media is dead or dying, the fact remains that there are still tons of games and softwares available out there that are available only on CD or DVD formats, not to mention downloading digital copies of games can sometimes take days for those without speedy internet connections.

I-O Data's new USB flash drives are colorful
If perhaps you’re not as geeky and don’t really care if your USB flash drive can transfer at USB 3.0 speeds, then perhaps these new USB flash drives by Japan’s I-O Data might be something worth considering, and for the ladies, perhaps you may even find a way to accessorize with these new colorful USB sticks.

Cryptex combo USB flash drive
Surely for the majority of the people out there who lay their eyes on the Cryptex combo USB flash drive for the first time might think of it to be some sort of high tech device, holding secrets that are not meant for human consumption, and would perhaps find a better place as a movie prop than a receptacle to store data. Sorry to burst your bubble, however, as this […]

PQI Traveling Disk U275L has patented push pen-style mechanism
What is so special about the PQI Traveling Disk U275L? For starters, it is touted to be the only USB flash drive with an extendable push pen-style patented mechanism in the world, where special provisions have been made for user operating requirements. Remember those old school mechanical pencils that have you push the opposite end to get fresh lead out? Well, the PQI Traveling Disk U275L follows in similar footsteps, […]

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Generation 2 USB flash drive is the fastest in their stable
Kingston has long been known for their data storage products, and the latest model to be announced is the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Generation 2, otherwise going by the model number DTU30G2. This USB flash drive is touted to be the fastest from Kingston yet, where it relies on a native USB 3.0 controller to deliver and transfer data and previously unseen speeds – at least for products in its […]

PQI Intelligent Drive U819V is smallest USB 3.0 flash drive in the world
PQI loves to stay small – and by that, we do not mean the company as a whole, but rather, the kinds of USB flash drives that they churn out. Their latest effort would involve what they tout to be the smallest USB 3.0 traveling disk in the world otherwise known as the PQI Intelligent Drive U819V.PQI’s Intelligent Drive U819V traveling disk does not disappoint size-wise, coming in a sleek […]

Silicon Power Blaze B10 USB 3.0 flash drive
How many of you do own a computer that runs off USB 3.0? It is still a fairly new port to own, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the mainstay in years to come. In fact, more and more motherboard manufacturers are already working on newer models that will accommodate USB 3.0 connectivity, so it makes perfect sense if you were to future-proof your purchases by including USB 3.0-compatible […]