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Buffalo USB hub makes no "right side up" demands
When it comes to plugging in a USB device, don’t you wish that there was some sort of indicator on the USB plug itself to let you know just which way is “up” without having to peer inside, and making a referential look at the USB port itself? I would have thought that someone might have done something about it, but after hitting USB 3.0 only do we have what […]

USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard is compatible with the iPad
We’ve come across many keyboard docks and casings for the iPad, but if you’re a bit sick of the whole sleek and portable concept, then you might be interested in taking a look at this USB Typerwriter Computer Keyboard which works with not only the PC and Mac, but as pictured above, will work with the iPad as well, although granted it will probably cause quite a scene if you […]

MINion USB decodes DNA
Not all USB flash drives are the same – the MINion is extremely different from the rest, where it is capable of decoding DNA within the shortest time possible. Of course, with the amount of money forked out for the MINion (we are talking about $900 here), it ought to do far more than just stash away your private collection of photos or other important digital documents. In fact, in […]

Memory on Hand Band is fashionable and functional
Are you constantly leaving your flash drives at home or in the office because you’re so forgetful? Or are you looking for a flash drive that you can have with you all the time for convenient access? Well, this new USB flash drive could be just for you. Called the Memory on Hand Band or MoH Band, it is literally like having Memory on your hand: a colorful wrist strap […]


Noiseless USB Karaoke Microphone
If you think that you are a fantastic crooner, and that the whole world deserves to hear your singing, then you would do well to hone those skills at a nearby karaoke, in addition to signing up at talent shows. However, if no one else around you seems to appreciate your singing talent, then you might want to consider picking up this rather pricey gadget to go along with your […]

The Andru Android USB wall charger is pretty cute
If you’re looking to get your hands on a rather novel, but cute charger that displays your support for Google’s Android mobile operating system, you might be interested in checking out the Andru USB phone charger by Salom America, which based on the photo above is a rather cute USB charger designed in the shape of the Android mascot.

USB Bean Shooter
We have seen our fair share of desktop toys that come in the form of USB-powered missile launchers, where foam missiles are sent in the direction of your annoying colleagues. Trust the Japanese to come up with something ever zanier – this unique USB-powered desktop toy that comes with a quartet of “guns”, where you can always have a pack of beans ready nearby as ammunition. This is far more […]

Shot Glass USB album
With USB flash drives becoming the de facto floppy disk replacement of the late 20th century as well as early 21st century, it goes without saying that some artists have already decided to release their albums in the form of a USB flash drive in this digital age. Fast-talking songwriter Ali Spagnola intends to hype up his The Power Hour Album, and decided to release the Shot Glass USB party […]

Datamation Power Pad 16 will charge up to 16 iPads at once
Let’s face it, there are households out there who support Apple’s products completely. This might mean that their computers could be iMacs or MacBooks, their choice of media player could be the iPod touch, their choice of smartphone would be the iPhone, and you guessed it – their choice of tablet would be the iPad. With so many iOS devices lying around the house, wouldn’t it be great (and possibly […]

Transcend launches Jetflash 780 USB 3.0 flash drives
As the USB 3.0 standard is starting to make its way into our desktop and notebooks, we guess the emergence of more USB 3.0 compatible flash drives is expected. Looking to add to that list of USB 3.0 capable flash drives would be Transcend with their new Jetflash 780 flash drives that will come in either 8GB or 16GB storage sizes.

Paraben Porn Detection Stick gets an update
Online porn has been hailed by some to be one of the main catalysts for pushing new technologies on the Internet such as better security and online payment/subscription models, but it is something that most users tend to hide carefully. The Porn detection stick has been designed to dig up any traces of porn in a computer, even if it was recently deleted, says its creators. Originally released in 2011, the Paraben […]

Dexim pimps up your USB cable
If you want to make sure that your desktop computer is pimped out to the maximum (never mind that it cannot churn out high FPS figures, as long as it looks good on the outside without much inner substance, you are good to go), then you might want to hear out what Dexim has in store for you with the DWA065WL Universal USB Charge & Sync Cable. This nifty cable […]

Thunderbolt heads to Ultrabooks, MacBook Air takes USB 3.0 route
Now this is a rather interesting turn of events – Apple’s Thunderbolt interface technology that was announced in February last year is said to be heading towards Ultrabooks from Acer, Asus and Lenovo. Yes sir, the Thunderbolt interface lives up to its name in terms of speed, where it paves the way for a potential 20Gbit/s transfer rate under the right conditions. Digitimes’ sources report that Apple intends to take […]

WiFi cufflinks lets you create wireless hotspots
So you’re a fan of technology and what not, so what sort of cufflinks do you think could best convey that to other people around you? Well, we’ve seen some pretty techy cufflinks before, but we have to say that these pair of WiFi cufflinks certainly do take the cake, and by WiFi we mean that these cufflinks apparently have the ability to create a wireless hotspot.