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pureSilicon introduces new Kage USB and SATA SSDs
Users looking for some high performance drives might want to check out pureSilicon’s latest offerings in SSDs. Their new drives are part of their Kage 1 Series and will be available in the form of a USB 3.0 SSD or a SATA SSD which are apparently targeted at light enterprise users, and based on its price we can’t help but feel that these aren’t products designed for the regular consumer.

Velocity Micro introduces VMUltra Drive all-in-one notebook solution
For MacBook Air owners, one of the biggest gripes some might have would be the lack of an optical drive, and not to mention somewhat limited storage capacity. Of course it is a tradeoff where a larger regular hard drive is replaced with a faster (but smaller) SSD, and the lack of optical drive probably helped make the device as thin as it is. However there are times when an […]

Matias One keyboard lets you swap between iPhone and your computer
We know that there are some of you guys out there who constantly send text messages on your phone while using the computer, but what if you had to constantly swap between the iPhone and your computer, wouldn’t the constant switching between keyboards be really annoying? For the multitasker out there, Matias may have the answer for you in the form of their One Keyboard, which as the name suggests, […]

Mimomicro expands the Mimobot line further
[CES 2012] What is extremely small, cute as a button, and carries plenty of data? Most of us would remember the Mimobot USB flash drive range from Mimoco that takes advantage of the intellectual property of movie franchises like Star Wars, packaging USB flash drives with a higher-than-normal price tag just because some Star Wars fan wants to collect them all. Well, we will not be dealing with USB flash […]


Kanex Sydnee charges up to 4 USB devices simultaneously
[CES 2012] There is one advantage about having a device that boasts of USB connectivity – it is full well capable of juicing up just about anywhere, as long as there is a USB power source that can come in the form of a portable battery, wall adapter or notebook/computer. Kanex has just unveiled their Sydnee at CES 2012, where this sleek recharging solution delivers 2.1A of juice to each […]

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Micro USB Drive Plus
[CES 2012] Verbatim takes the rugged route this time around with the Store ‘n’ Go Micro USB Drive Plus that would certainly place safety above all else as you concentrate on making sure you have copied the correct files for your big presentation. It does not matter if you are a student, businessman, photographer or road warrior, Verbatim intends for their new Micro USB Drive Plus to be the ideal […]

Victorinox Swiss Army knife has a 1TB thumb drive
[CES 2012] Victorinox is known for stuffing thumb drives into Swiss Army knives, and its latest creation is probably the epitome of such devices. Demonstrating it at CES 2012, Victorinox’s latest Swiss Army knife features a massive 1TB thumb drive which you can easily flip out just like you would flip out a blade or screwdriver. Just don’t expect to travel with this thumb drive if you’re planning to go […]

Roku Streaming Stick brings TV to genius level
Before you splash out more than a grand for a new smart TV from one of the more reputable consumer electronic vendors out there, have you ever wondered just how much more enriched your life would be with a smart TV in the living room? Perhaps you don’t really need Wi-Fi connectivity in your TV, and just to make sure that you do not lose out in terms of entertainment […]

ego USB Case features a slide out USB flash drive
One of the drawbacks to the iPhone is that unlike the iPod classic, by default you will not be able to use it as a mass storage device, meaning that if you did not happen to bring your external hard drive or a USB flash drive with you and you needed to copy over some files, you’d be out of luck, but that’s where ego&company steps in with their “ego […]

DeLorean USB flash drive
Go to any showfloor or event as part of the press, and chances are you will be on the receiving end of a press kit in the form of a USB flash drive, or perhaps a CD if the company is feeling rather antiquated. Here is a DeLorean USB flash drive that certainly does not hail from the future – for the simple fact that it carries just 4GB of […]

Brando introduces wireless keyboard and mouse made from bamboo
With so much focus and emphasis being placed in renewable energy, going green and eco-friendliness, we don’t see why those sentiments can’t be brought over to some of our most used gadgets – the keyboard and mouse, which is what Brando is offering at their store for $82.

Flash Rod Mercedes SLS AMG replica has a hard drive hidden in it
Love Mercedes-Benzes? Well if you can’t afford one, how about the next best thing in the form of a replica, and not just any replica, but a replica that also doubles up as an external hard drive? If so you might want to check out the Flash Rod Mercedes SLS with a 2.5” unit hidden within the model itself.

Retro USB Mouse takes you back to the 80s
Computers today look nothing like what we used back in the 1980s, and for a good reason too – slimmer desktop casings, monitors and sleeker peripherals just look better. However if you yearn for the days of beige colored hardware and blocky equipment, ThinkGeek’s new Retro USB Mouse might be just for you. While it looks like an old-school trackball mouse, it features the internals of a modern day optical […]

Deonet unveils the "world's smallest" USB stick
We’re not sure why anyone would want to own the “smallest USB stick in the world”, but if you wouldn’t mind owning one even if purely for novelty purposes, you might want to check out Deonet’s offering of such a device that’s so small you will require a corded fob to ensure that you do not lose it.