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Self-destruct USB stick used by the Secret Service
Joining the Secret Service is not a calling for everyone, and those who actually made the cut will be able to enjoy a plethora of ‘toys’ that we regular folks can only dream of, such as this self-destruct USB stick which seems to hail from a fictional movie instead. Should you be so careless as to lose it on your travels, fret not, as it comes with a built-in GPS […]

Xenon USB recharging cable lights up
Whenever we lay our eyes on an ordinary USB recharging cable, chances are we would not even give it a second glance. However, if you are the flashy type who loves to stand out of the crowd, you might want to consider what Xenon has in store for you with their very own version of a USB recharging cable. This is one futuristic charging cable that will light up when […]

Snails could be used to charge our USB devices in the future?
Here’s an interesting proposition – can you imagine what it would be like to charge your USB devices by plugging them into a port embedded in an animal? It sounds pretty cruel, but there’s a chance of it actually being possible in the future. According to reports online, some folks in Israel have managed to generate small amounts of electrical micro-power – by implanting an enzyme-based bio-fuel cell inside a […]

Sansa USB Reader gives your Android smartphone USB access
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could transfer files from your thumbdrive directly onto your Android phone without having to rely on your computer? Well, the folks over at Sansa have come up with a solution. Called the Sansa USB Reader this handy little gadget plugs into your phone’s micro USB port and gives you access to a full-sized USB port and a memory card reader. With the USB port, […]


Queen Orb USB gift box
It is rather hard to believe at just how fast time flies – iconic rock band Queen is already 40 years old, and in order to celebrate four decades of rockin’ music, an all new box set has been released in the form of the Queen Orb Gift Box. What made this particular gift box special is this – you will not find a single CD or DVD inside, but […]

USB flash drive looks like a tiny hard disk
What you see above is not some kind of mutated, minute hard disk, but rather, it is an ordinary USB 2.0 flash drive that holds 8GB of internal memory inside, except that the outer shell resembles that of a hard disk case. Pretty creative, no? Yeah, that is what we thought too, and it more or less plays along the same idea as that of the Folderix Flash Drive which […]

Oriko Leather USB Armband is fashionable and functional
If you love fashion and you love technology, you might be interested in checking out the Oriko Leather USB Armband, which as the name, and photo above implies, is a USB flash drive that you can wear around your wrist, allowing you to not only look fashionable, but at the same time allow you to carry your files with you on the go. We know that losing USB flash drives […]

Satechi 12-Port USB Hub ships
When we talk about a USB hub, most of us are looking at 4-ports on average, but just in case you happen to live in a home that has more than just a quartet of USB-based devices which are required to be plugged in most of the time, then surely your average USB hub will not do. Satechi’s 12-Port USB Hub will fit the bill nicely then, where this ultra […]

Folderix Flash Drive
Everyone who uses a computer more or less know the world famous icon that makes up a folder on your hard drive. Yes, I am talking about that digital, pixelized image that stashes away different kinds of files. What happens if something in the digital world were to be replicated in the real world? ThinkGeek has just the tonic for those who want a real folder flash drive, offering the […]

Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-Connect USB is now free
You might be interested in picking up the Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-Connect USB now considering it is free – only if you happen to decide to sign up with Sprint for a new two-year service agreement. I guess it does not do any harm to sign up if you currently do not have any way to obtain an Internet connection on your notebook that is independent of Wi-Fi networks, and with […]

USB message in a bottle is cute
We’ve seen a fair share of interesting thumbdrives, and this cute little USB drive from Hum design studio takes the cake when it comes to unique. Giving the phrase “message in a bottle” a whole new meaning, this USB drive features a small bottle that is closed off by a cork, which has a USB plug. When not in use, the bottle keeps the drive safe just by simply plugging […]

USB AK-47 Assault Rifle flash drive
Something tells me that nobody over at Brando really did their research when they named the USB flash drive here as the USB AK-47 Assault Rifle flash drive. It sure as heck does not look like the AK-47, being a whole lot shorter, not to mention missing out on the signature wooden color that we have all come to know and love in Counter-Strike. Having said that, for those who […]

Angry Birds played with USB slingshot controller
Safe to say that Angry Birds is probably one of the most popular mobile phone games to date, and if you’re looking to take your Angry Birds gaming experience to the next level, Simon Ford has designed a slingshot that can double up as a USB game controller, literally allowing you to slingshot your way through a horde of pigs.

Aleratec 1:16 USB 3.0 Copy Tower
Copying data from a single USB flash drive to another might not seem to be such an insurmountable problem, as we do it nearly every day (for some), and others, less frequently. However, if you are a company who custom-makes USB flash drives with content inside to distribute to your clients in a mass manner, then using a single computer with a quartet of USB ports is just not going […]