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Thanko USB Eye Warmer
I know, I know, sitting in front of the computer all day long while churning out report after report as well as spreadsheets are not exactly most people’s idea of fun, but as long as it puts food on the table, if you get my drift. Having said that, many of us do end up with a case of tired eyes after a while, and you might want to put […]

NVIDIA Patents Tiny Computer
Somewhere deep in the US Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO), there is a filing about a nano-computer designed by NVIDIA. From their description, the computer would roughly be as big as a USB key (40-60 x 10-12 x 5-10mm), but yet powerful enough to be the equivalent of a high-end smartphone.

Monster and SDJ Technologies enter into memory storage deal
Monster and SDJ Technologies have come together to develop a new “Monster Digital” brand that will handle memory storage needs, which seems pretty out of whack considering how Monster’s expertise lies in rolling out high-performance headphones more often than not, although they do make forays into connectivity solutions and consumer electronics accessories.

Transformers USB drive keeps your files safe and opens bottles
If you’re a fan of Transformers, you’ll love these thumb drives from Edgewave Electronics. The thumb drives feature die cast metal bodies shaped into the insignias of the Autobots and the Decepticons. These thumb drives also glow blue when in use, and the can act as bottle openers in addition to their regular jobs of storing and keeping your files safe. While it might be a little late to cash […]


Skull MP3 Player II makes for good Halloween decorations
If you’re planning on holding a Halloween party in your house, why not keep to theme of things and pump scary music through the Skull MP3 Player II by Brando? For those who follow Brando’s products, the Skull MP3 Player II is the successor to the Skull MP3 Player, which featured a more futuristic look with its light-up eyes and everything.

Acer M2 TV monitors headed to Europe
There are TVs, and there are monitors, but it looks like Acer has plans for some sort of hybrid with TV monitors when they released their M2 Series of displays, and adding to that list are the M222HQML, M242HML and the M272HML and they are expected to make their European debut soon.

FlashHarp USB now comes in a necklace format
Now here is a special gift which you can get for your geekette – if there is such a word, which would be the FlashHarp USB necklace, merging both fashion and technology in one fell swoop. Basically, this will not only function as a lovely accessory to look at, it is also a USB flash drive for you to stash away data wherever you go, and functions as a working, […]

Toshiba unveils USB powered monitor for laptops
If you have need for a secondary display for your laptop, maybe one screen for your word processor and the other for your browser while you do your research, Toshiba has just launched a USB-powered secondary monitor for laptops.

Buffalo 4-port USB 3.0 card benchmarked, looks speedy
Buffalo has done their very own set of benchmarks with their latest release, a USB 3.0 PCI add-on card, and have claimed some rather phenomenal results. In fact, we are looking at read/write speeds that are said to go beyond the 300MB/s mark, now how about that? Of course, this is not the only improvement that they have introduced with their latest device, where they have included a quartet of […]

Kingston urDrive turns USB flash drive into Active Storage Device
Just how many ways do you see the standard USB flash drive is going to evolve to – apart from storage size as well as data transfer speed? Well, memory specialist Kingston certainly has an ace up their sleeves this time round with urDrive, where it is capable of turning standard USB flash drives from a piece of passive storage hardware to an engaged, active storage, letting users access and […]

USB Animal Cushion keeps you warm during winter
For those who spend hours in front of the computer, especially during winter, there’s nothing quite like wrapping a blanket around yourself, enjoy a hot cup of tea whilst happily chatting away with family and loved ones. Well now instead of wrapping yourself in a blanket, you can instead hug a warming cushion while you sit back and enjoy your movie, thanks to these USB Animal Cushions.As the name implies, […]

XtremeMac InCharge Home USB Wall Charger announced
Is there such a thing as a “perfect travel charger”? I suppose so, especially when you have a manufacturer like XtremeMac stepping forward and laying claim to that “title” with their InCharge Home USB Wall Charger. This particular travel charger is slim to make it easy for packing purposes, and with 10 watts of juice, it is more than capable of offering rapid charging capability for a whole slew of […]

Giant USB mouse by Brando
For fans of all things novel, Brando has something for you in the form of a giant USB mouse, and by giant, well, the photo above should speak volumes for the size of the mouse! It measures 175mm long, 105mm wide and 55mm tall, and if you’re trying to put that into context, it’s almost double the width of the iPhone 4 and about 60mm longer than the iPhone 4.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M525 is an easy going piece of hardware
Most of the newer mice that are featured these days on Ubergizmo tend to be of the gaming variety, so it can be quite a pleasant and refreshing experience to read about something more ordinary that will appeal to just about any ordinary Joe who uses the computer and want a decent pointing device to help them out in their everyday work – as well as for the occasional game, […]