Player & Tape

Ahh, don’t you miss the good ol’ days of the cassette tape? When people actually had to spend time creating mix tapes that they shared with one another? Yeah, it’s been awhile, and those days have come and gone. Mixtapes are now equivalent to playlists of streaming music, and cassette tape players have all been replaced by Portable Media Players (PMP) that can even play video.

A designer named Jung Hoon Lee must have been a fan of the olden days as has come up with a concept design for a music player called the Player & Tape. It is a PMP shaped like an old school cassette player that can dock three USB sticks at the same time. In addition to docking regular USB sticks, the Player & Tape will come with a cassette tape that acts as a USB drive as well, which you can load up with music to play on the player or share with your friends. I think it seems like a pretty cool concept which might actually take off, what do you think?

Player & Tape

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