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Why Do OEMs Create Custom Android Skins?
While most users don’t mind so much about the kind of Android skin* used by handset makers, many people wonder why phone makers don’t keep Google’s default Android skin (user interface).

Leap Motion Gesture Controller Windows 8 Preview Ahead Of Beta
Leap Motion, the device built to bring touch-like gesture controls -without a touch screen- will enter into its beta phase soon. Before that, the company has posted a video to show what its vision for Leap Motion on Windows 8: watch the video above. The demonstration shows “real-world” use cases, including web browsing, zooming in and out test, navigating apps, movies and photos.

Rightware's Kanzi Interface May Soon Power Your Car Dashboard
It is fair to say that car Dashboard Instruments have not evolved remarkably over the past couple of decades. Somehow, we felt like something was going to change, but nothing did, at least in a big way. When the Nissan GTR Skyline came out, it did create a lot of buzz because it had an all LCD-display Dashboard with a user interface (UI) made by the Gran Turismo team at […]

Microphone transforms hard surfaces into a touch interface
Before you take off your glasses and say, “Mother of God…”, read on. Bruno Zamborlin has come up with a unique microphone which is capable of creating a gestural interface using any hard surface that is available. Zamborlin himself cannot really explain the system which he has dubbed “concatenative synthesis,” and we have no idea as to what the small microphone is hooked up to in the video right after […]


TabCo UI sneak peek video
Remember earlier today we reported that TabCo was going to give the world a sneak peek of its tablet UI in a few hours? Well, the wait is over and TabCo has finally released a sneak peek of the tablet via a short video clip. Again, the video doesn’t tell us much about the tablet – don’t you think you’ve teased us enough already, TabCo?

webOS tablet user interface elements spotted
So you’re all abuzz about HP’s Topaz specifications, and here is yet another leak from Precentral which might just have you wet your pants. After all, this leak will detail out the webOS user interface, but do bear in mind that nothing is final just yet since everything is in its preliminary round so the final product might offer some changes (for the better, hopefully). Among the improvements would include […]

Apple Patent Reveals GUI with Radial Pop-Up Menus in iOS
A recent Apple patent filing shows that the company is looking to make iOS more graphics-oriented with a radial pop-up menu. Currently, in menu operations, pop-up menus are text-based and the radial dial that was shown with the iOS patent would show large icons that represent any possible actions or commands available to the user. Also, when pop-up menus have long lists that require scrolling, radial menus could make it […]

Ubuntu 11.04 sees off GNOME interface with Unity
Ubuntu 11.04 will replace its GNOME interface with Unity, which is a totally new interface that sees action in Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition. GNOME might come with panels at the top and bottom of the display, but Unity will instead feature a top panel and a panel on the left side that can be utilized to launch apps as well as access already running apps in a jiffy. While Unity […]

Mozilla Labs working on personalized user interface browser
Isn’t it the way of the world these days? Burger King says you can have it your way, while other marketing slogans and brands tend to push you towards making yourself happy (with a little bit of parting with your money too, of course). Well, the same can be said for user interfaces in the computing world – everyone wants to be unique. Mozilla Labs has taken note of this, […]

Slick UI offers replacement for Android interface
The Slick UI surely lives up to its namesake, looking slick as all get out as it takes some of HTC’s Sense features while retaining a sense of originality. One of the more notable features of Slick UI would be the rather large circle located right in the middle of the screen, known as the Wonder Wheel. It will let you retrieve information easily from apps like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, […]

Kaleidescape Introduces Its First User Interface For Children
Kaleidescape Inc, the market leader in movie servers has introduced the industry’s first user interface designed specifically for young children that can be utilized via the Kaleidescape System and Kaleidescape Child Remote. The concept itself is pretty simple, as the system will present a different user interface to the user, depending on which remote control is used. When the Child Remote is used, the on-screen user interface will switch to […]

Face Recognition User Interface Demoed on Ubunutu Prototype
While touchscreens have been buzzing lately with the launch of new tablets and smartphones, the primary way we control our computers is still via a keyboard and mouse, but an Ubunutu prototype user interface hopes to add facial recognition to the mix to make it easier for users to navigate through the menus and windows on their computer. By utilizing existing hardware–primarily a webcam on the computer–designer Christian Giordano hopes […]

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 interface spotted?
Could this very well be an interface of the upcoming Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)? Perhaps, as people are looking forward to the Microsoft beta launch event in San Francisco this coming September 15, but in today’s world that is no longer a stranger to leaks, what you see here could very well be the real deal. The screen shot seen above points to a navigation bar with less controls, […]

Mirabyte FrontFace custom user interface for Windows 7
Just like all the skins available for the Android operating system, Mirabyte FrontFace has come up with a custom user interface for Windows 7 to make it easier to use when said operating system is installed on a touchscreen tablet device. FrontFace aims to deliver more by offering large, touch-friendly icons when it comes to launching and switching between applications. Not only that, FrontFace will also come with several of […]