Macallan user interface could solve potential Windows 7 adaptation issue

Apple is, by far and large, the dominant player where the tablet market is concerned thanks to the success of its iPad. This doesn’t mean the other manufacturers are just sitting back to see Apple extend their lead – no sir, they’re also pouring in good money for research and development, and might just side with the Windows 7 camp if it could be well adapted into a fully touch-based interface model. Designers at UI Centric are doing exactly that, coming up with what they dub to be the Macallan user interface which promises to turn out well. It sports native multitasking, flash support and full camera functionality, working in tandem with a very slick interface. While we don’t know which device Macallan will ship with, UI Centric claims that a “major manufacturer” will be doing so sometime in Q3 this year. The tablet market has just gotten hotter, and things are about to sizzle even more soon. Check out a video fo the Macallan user interface in the extended post just in case words fail us.

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