Toshiba AirSwing user interface lets you sweat it out

Toshiba has come up with an interesting user interface of their own known as the AirSwing, where it will feature a semi-transparent image of the operator on the display, making it much more easier to go through the menu system. Apart from that, the software is touted to use only 3% thereabouts of a 400MHz ARM 11 CPU (or so Toshiba claims), which translates to a whole lot of processing grunt available to you just in case you want to do some heavy number crunching. No idea on when such a special user interface will be available commercially, but we won’t be surprised to see Toshiba bundle it in commercial displays for malls and its ilk. The fabled Minority Report interface gets closer and closer to reality each day. To get a better idea on how the Toshiba AirSwing works, check out the video in the extended post.

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