Apple Rejected Valve Steam Link App Due To Guideline Violations

Valve confirmed a couple of weeks ago that it’s going to launch the Steam Link mobile app to enable PC games to stream games from their computers to their mobile devices. The app is already available for Android users in beta but the iOS release couldn’t go through because Apple rejected the app. A few days passed with no explanation from the company about why it had rejected the app […]

Apple Rejects Valve’s Steam Link Streaming App

A couple of weeks ago, Valve announced that they would be launching the Steam Link mobile app. What this app would do is allow PC gamers to stream games from their computer onto their mobile devices, which sounds like a fantastic way of gaming if you’d rather not sit in front of your computer all day.

Valve Apologizes To DotA 2 Fans For ‘Poor Production’ Baby Roshan Statue

For 2017’s The International DotA 2 tournament, Valve launched a Battle Pass system which is similar in concept to previous compendiums, where players can achieve levels to unlock certain perks in the game. These not only take time, but they also cost money, which is why the higher-end rewards then to be pretty exclusive.

Steam Link App Now Available On Android In Beta

Last week Valve announced that they would be launching a Steam Link app for mobile devices. While it is not to be confused with the Steam Link gadget, in practice it more or less does the same thing where users can stream their games on Steam to their mobile devices via the app so that they can play PC games on their phones.


Valve’s Hiring Website Hints At New Games & ‘Top Secret’ Projects

Valve has several successful games under its banner, but in terms of the company launching new titles to existing franchises or launching brand new IPs, Valve has been a bit quiet on that front. However it seems that the company could have something in the works, according to a hiring website that the company has recently setup.

Steam Client Beta Bring Bluetooth Low Energy For Steam Controller

Valve’s Steam Controller is a wireless gaming controller, but unlike other controllers that typically rely on Bluetooth, the Steam Controller does not, at least not until recently where Valve has announced that the Steam Client Beta will now add the option of Bluetooth for gamers using the Steam Controller.

Valve’s Steam Link App Lets You Stream Games Onto Your Phone

Back in the day if you wanted to play a game, you had to make sure that your hardware was good enough to run it. It is still true these days, but companies have been working to come up with ways around that, such as through game streaming where a game is loaded onto a computer that can run it, and then streamed to another device.

Latest Steam Beta Adds Support For Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller

Thinking of using your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on your PC? If you are, you’ll be pleased to learn that Valve has recently updated its Steam Client Beta where support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has been added, which means that you will be able to use it for playing games on Steam.

Valve Will Not Be Releasing DotA 2 Patches During Tournaments

The thing about patches in video games is that they are usually designed to balance the game, fix bugs, and make general improvements to it. However sometimes patches can go awry and do the opposite and wreak havoc on the game, which is why it’s not surprising to hear that Valve will not be releasing patches during major tournaments.

Valve Acquires The Creators Of Indie Game ‘Firewatch’

While Valve has several titles that they have developed themselves, the company has also been going about buying titles from other developers and making it their own. The latest that will be added to Valve’s portfolio will be none other than the indie hit Firewatch developed by Campo Santo.

Valve Introduces New DotA 2 Subscription Feature For $3.99 A Month

Valve’s DotA 2 is completely free to play where players get to enjoy all of the game’s features without having to shell out a single cent. Valve is obviously not a charity organization which means that they still need to make money, and this is done by selling in-game items such as skins which in no way affects the gameplay.

eMagin Exec Claims That Apple Did Not Invest In The Company

A couple of days ago it was reported that Apple along with LG and Valve had apparently invested in a company called eMagin that specializes in creating microdisplays for augmented reality/virtual reality headsets. This was based on a US Securities Exchange Commission filing that listed Apple, LG, and Valve.

Apple Invests In A Firm That Makes Microdisplays For VR/AR Headsets

Rumors that Apple is interested in building its own augmented reality (AR) headset have been making their rounds for a while now, but now it looks like there is more evidence of that happening. This is according to a recent filing made with the US Securities Exchange Commission, which revealed Apple’s latest investment.

CS:GO Fan Spends $60,000 On Super Rare Rifle Skin

So we know that skins in Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) can fetch quite a high price, but how much would you pay for a rare skin in the game? A couple hundred? A thousand? Turns out that there are some out there who are particularly hardcore because according to reports, a CS:GO fan spent $60,000 on a rare rifle skin.