Valve Apparently Prototyped Half-Life 3 As An RTS

Half-Life is an FPS game that has a huge following. In fact thanks to its SDK, games such as Counter-Strike was created and Team Fortress Classic also got a remake using the Half-Life SDK, which in turn saw both titles spawn a variety of sequels and variations. However Half-Life 3 has been a no-show for the longest time ever, but it seems that Valve has been quietly working on it.

Steam Top 100 Best-Selling Games Of 2016 Discounted

Some incredible games were released last year and some there were already out in 2016 maintained their popularity throughout the year. Valve has published the list of Steam Top 100 best-selling games of 2016 and it hasn’t just stopped there, it has also discounted those best-selling titles so that you can start 2017 off right by picking up some of the games that did spectacularly well in the previous year.

Valve Hit With $3 Million Fine In Australia Over Refunds

Different countries have different rules when it comes to product refunds. This is why sometimes some companies can run afoul of consumer laws as what might be OK in one country might not be OK in another. Valve is finding out the hard way as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has slapped them with a $3 million fine over their refund policy.

Steam’s Winter Sale Has Officially Begun

Just yesterday PayPal confirmed the dates of the Steam Winter Sale and sure enough it looks like they were right on the money. If you somehow missed out on the Steam Summer Sale or the Halloween Sale, or if maybe you already bought too many games, the good news is that the Winter Sale has officially kicked off.


Steam Winter Sale 2016 Date Confirmed

You’re not quite done with holiday shopping these days until you’ve bought yourself some games at nice discounts and that’s really what the Steam Winter Sale is for. Many of you have been waiting for it and many will be delighted to find out that the Steam Winter Sale 2016 date has now been confirmed. The sale is going to go live later this week and will offer discounts on […]

Steam Now Fully Supports The PS4’s DualShock Controllers

Back in October, Valve had confirmed that native support for the PS4’s DualShock controllers would be arriving on Steam in the near future. A month later, beta testing for the support was introduced, and the good news is that it looks like full support for the PS4’s controllers are finally here.

Valve Details DotA 2’s Massive 7.00 Patch

Over the years, Valve has been making various tweaks and changes to DotA 2, such as improving on features like UI, hero balancing, map balancing, item balancing, and more. However if you are looking for something more than just a couple of tweaks here and there, Patch 7.00 might be of interest to you.

Steam Winter Sale Reportedly Kicking Off On December 22

In case you missed out on the various Steam sales that have been going on all year, not to worry as there will be one last sale before the year ends and that will be the Steam Winter Sale. However the question is, when will the Steam Winter Sale begin? According to the folks at NeoGAF and Eurogamer (via GameSpot), the 22nd of December.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gets Glove Skins

One of the features of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is that gamers can get skins for their weapons. Some skins, especially those for knives, can fetch a pretty penny in real-life. Apparently these are pretty hot ticket items. Now it seems that gamers have more skins to look forward to in the form of glove skins.

Valve Will Now Require Real Screenshots When Selling Games On Steam

Advertising can sometimes be deceptive because thanks to photoshop, makeup, and professional photography, a product might look better in print/on the web than in real-life. How many of you guys have walked into a restaurant, ordered something based on a photo, only to be disappointed? We’re sure we’ve all been there.

Steam’s Halloween Sale Has Officially Begun

The Steam Summer Sale is one of the biggest sales of the platform, but like its name suggests, it is held in the summer which has since passed. If you missed it or if there are more games on your list, not to worry as Steam has since launched its Halloween Sale which while might not be as generous, could still end up saving you a few bucks.

Valve Could Be Working On A Wrist-Mounted Controller For VR

It is one thing to be able to see things in VR, and it’s another to be able to interact with objects in VR, which is why companies like Oculus have created controllers for use in the environment. It also sounds like Valve could be working on something as well, according to a report from TechCrunch.

Valve Releases ‘The Dark Rift’ Update For DotA 2 With New Hero

A couple of weeks ago, Valve showed off a new hero for DotA 2 in the form of the Monkey King. Granted the hero is based on existing mythology, but it is basically the first original hero that Valve will be adding to DotA 2 come this fall. In the meantime, DotA 2 players will be pleased to learn that they can play another hero while they wait.

DotA 2 The International 2016’s Winner Revealed

If you play DotA 2, there’s a chance you might have been following the biggest DotA 2 tournament for 2016 – The International 2016, or better known as TI6. The event has officially concluded and it looks like we have a winner who comes in the form of Wings Gaming, who some felt like was the underdog due to their rocky start.