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Fancy A Kill Switch In Your Car?
Earlier this month, we did read on how Apple devices are set to include a default kill switch as part of its setup, and if one were to roll back the clock by a few months, then we would have read about a mandatory kill switch bill in California having failed to get through the lawmakers. Having said that, what if your vehicle came with a kill switch? Yup, you […]

Quadro 4D Parkour lets you tilt in style
Forget about shufflin’ – you might want to tilt in style the next time you take your ride out. The Quadro 4D Parkour that you see here is definitely something, and eye-catching is one of them. It will boast twin driven rear wheels, a rather mean looking paint job as well as semi-offroad tyres. So far, initial tests with it have proved that the Quadro 4D Parkour does have its […]

Nissan mobility concept ready to land in Japan
Don’t you just love concepts that have been turned into reality because of one man’s (or a team’s collective) vision? Well, I guess the people behind Nissan’s Renault Twizy-based New Mobility Concept can be proud and lift their heads up high – considering their urban electric vehicle that was originally unveiled in November last year is about to be unleashed upon the roads in the Land of the Rising Sun.Just […]

Exoconcept EXO carbon fiber electric jet ski concept
Now here is a concept that we don’t think will look out of place in a James Bond setting – the Exoconcept EXO carbon fiber electric jet ski. Yes sir, this particular piece of art that has been melded with technology will allow you to ride around in the prone position, while you make your escape from your nemesis, oozing in style simultaneously. I suppose if you put Angelina Jolie […]


SMSS autonomous vehicle set to drop on Afghanistan
Lockheed Martin, a defense contractor with the US Army, was the winner in the Project Workhorse Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) competition, and hence they will add more credence to their victory by sending a quartet of Lockheed Martin Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) vehicles straight to Afghanistan as part of a three-month Military Utility Assessment (MUA). The SMSS is not small by any means – no sir, it measures 11-feet […]

Golden Gate Electric Camper Pod
So remember yesterday we had reported that NAU had come up with a Ecco Camper concept, which essentially was a redesign and concept of the RV, which allowed campers to take to the road in a eco-friendly manner. Well it looks like designer Jay Nelson felt the same way about eco-friendly camping when he designed the Golden Gate electric camper pod. Made out of a fibreglass casing, the pod resembles […]

Getaround CarKit lets you turn your car into a source of income
Do you have a highly desirable car that people are always asking to borrow off you? Wish you could somehow turn that into a business?  Well, the folks over at Getaround seem to think you can. They’ve just announced the launch of the Getaround CarKit – an all-in-one device for enabling car owners to safely and easily share their cars (and potentially make money while doing so).

T3 Motion R3 dashboards to feature Samsung Galaxy Tabs
T3 Motion Inc has just announced their new their R3 hybrid electric consumer vehicle prototype will feature Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablets in their dashboards. The economic hybrid vehicle will make use of the Galaxy Tab for GPS navigation, live traffic information, stay connected (email/IM etc) and running other Android apps (Angry Birds while waiting for the red light?). Fortunately, the vehicle’s speedometers and fuel gauge won’t be displayed on […]

NASA's Mars rover: Curiosity almost complete
The NASA rover, Curiosity, which had to abandon its plans to bring 3D cameras to Mars, is almost ready for its mission later this year. NASA has just announced that the exploring vehicle is nearing its final stages of completion and they released brand new photographs of the rover in their labs. Looking like some sort of highly advanced Lego Technic vehicle, Curiosity was definitely designed not to look pretty, […]

Songs can be used to hack cars
Some researchers studying the different methods on how to gain access to computer systems featured in modern cars have discovered that it is possible to hijack a car through its stereo – by letting the CD player read a song infected with a Trojan horse. While users listen to Trojan-infected songs, the malicious software can rewrite the firmware of the car’s stereo system to give hackers a way to access […]

The EX Vehicle uses to electronic screwdrivers to move its wheels
A designer named Nick Ferbis has come up with one of the more interesting vehicles we’ve seen recently. Called the EX Vehicle (no it’s not a vehicle for your ex-girl/boyfriends) this three-wheeler was made from mostly modified bicycle parts and welded rods of metal. What makes this vehicle stand out from other three-wheelers is that its wheels are turned by two 18V Bosch electronic screwdrivers that are attached to its gears. […]

My Lawyer – the app that helps you deal with vehicle accidents
The folks over at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen have just announced the launch of a new app to help people deal with vehicle accidents. Called My Lawyer, the app is now available for free on Android phones (iPhone version on its way). My Lawyer helps users who have just gotten themselves in a motor vehicle accident by giving them step by step instructions about what to do in such […]

Electric powered rickshaws to hit the streets of Japan
It looks like rickshaw riders of the future won’t need to be fit and able bodied people anymore. The Yodogawa Group in Japan has just revealed an electric-powered rickshaw that won’t need its driver to cycle in order to operate. Powered by a single lithium-ion battery, the electric rickshaw can move at a speed of up to 25 miles per hour and seats three passengers. It’s been designed to be […]

CARbonga helps you check the safety of a vehicle
If you’ve ever had to deal with purchasing a secondhand car from a dealer, you know that you’re in for a tough time especially if you know next to nothing about cars. Fortunately for you, Speedemissions has come up with an app to help you in such situations. Called CARbonga, this app will let users know how “healthy” a car is just by simply connecting an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) to […]