Now here is a concept that we don’t think will look out of place in a James Bond setting – the Exoconcept EXO carbon fiber electric jet ski. Yes sir, this particular piece of art that has been melded with technology will allow you to ride around in the prone position, while you make your escape from your nemesis, oozing in style simultaneously. I suppose if you put Angelina Jolie on this, it will be picture perfect. After all, being a spy does not mean you should show disregard for the environment – no sir, this particular stylish vehicle sports zero emissions, where it is made up of extremely light materials so that it can achieve acceleration levels that were previously unheard of for a vehicle of its class.

The Exoconcept EXO will be powered by a 7 Kwh motor, with quick-charge batteries and a silent water jet propulsion system. Of course, it will feature the ability to be customized according to your liking, and I don’t suppose if it ever gets realized, it will be cheap. On the contrary, it ought to burn quite the hole in your pocket.

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