Forget about shufflin’ – you might want to tilt in style the next time you take your ride out. The Quadro 4D Parkour that you see here is definitely something, and eye-catching is one of them. It will boast twin driven rear wheels, a rather mean looking paint job as well as semi-offroad tyres. So far, initial tests with it have proved that the Quadro 4D Parkour does have its fair share of grip, and when you make a tilt around those tight bends and corners, it will remain nicely glued to the ground. Named after the sport of urban obstacle-jumping, it might actually live up to its namesake through its build, but the suspension might be suspect when it comes to longer travel periods, not to mention the low front tilt mechanism might result in ground clearance issues at times. I guess it is far more useful to just get around and looking cool while you’re at it instead of being an off-roader. Would you invest in a tilting four wheeler sometime down the road, or do you think your money can net you something far better?

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