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Vine’s Biggest Stars Reportedly Asked For $1.2m To Keep The App Alive
If you’re looking for short and sweet content, Vine is the perfect place to look for them, namely thanks to the app’s 6 second video limit. Or at least it used to be the perfect place until YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram started to gain more traction, so much so that Twitter announced that they would be shutting the app and service down.

Vine’s Co-Founders Launch A Live Streaming App Called ‘Hype’
Facebook Live is a feature that the social network is offering its users in which users can create live broadcasts and share them with their friends, colleagues, family, followers, and so on. Now Facebook Live is obviously not the only one of its kind as there are other similar apps such as Periscope, and last we checked Instagram was working on a similar feature as well.

Giphy Will Let Vine Users Transfer Their Content Over To Their Website
Twitter has announced that they will be shutting Vine down. However the good news is that Vine users will be given time to download and save their uploaded content, even if it is just for memories. However the good news for Vine users is that if you still want your content to be available online, Giphy has swooped in to the rescue.

Pornhub Cheekily Offers To Buy Vine From Twitter
As you might have heard by now, Twitter has announced that they will be shutting down Vine in the next few months. The video service was pretty popular at its inception and even managed to create several Vine stars, who were kind of like YouTube celebrities, except that it was based on their Vine uploads.


Twitter Is Shutting Down Vine
Twitter acquired the short-form video app Vine a couple of years ago for about $30 million. It was a new concept that allowed people to create and post six-second videos. Vine had an incredible community of independent creators but many have since moved to Instagram which allows significantly longer videos. Twitter now sees no value in keeping Vine around so it announced today that Vine is going to be shut […]

Vine Source Code Goes Public For Five Minutes
There are two kinds of hackers, without going into specifics, think of them as the good and the bad hackers. The good hackers look for vulnerabilities and then report them to the companies responsible so that they can be fixed while the bad ones exploit those vulnerabilities for their own gains. Avicoder is one of the good hackers and was able to download the entire source code of Twitter’s popular […]

Vine's First Desktop App Released For Windows 10
Do you like watching six-second videos on Vine? If you do, there’s another app now that you can use to watch those clips. Vine released its first ever desktop app today for Windows 10. It allows users to create and share vines from any video saved on their Windows 10-powered PC or tablet. The app brings a decent set of features that are also available on the iOS and Android […]

A Single Touch Lets You Watch All Videos In Vine Channel
When it comes to social media as well as having a life online, you know that there are many, many different kinds of apps which will take up your time and attention, and if one is not too careful to guard one’s time, it is all too easy to be dragged into a time sink. Vine is an app that allows you to check out really, really short clips which […]

Longer Videos Are Coming To Instagram
Videos first arrived on Instagram back in 2013. It proved to be a popular alternative to Vine which still limits videos to six seconds. Even popular Viners began directing their audience towards Instagram to watch longer clips even though the limit was capped at 15 seconds. Instagram users who have always wanted longer videos will be happy to know that the service has enabled just that.

Vine Gains More Functionality On Apple Watch
It has not been too long since the Vine app was updated with the spanking new Audio Remix as well as search features, and it seems that the app itself has gained yet another update which will see additional functionality appear over on the Apple Watch. Do bear in mind, however, that the inclusion of the Apple Watch to Vine’s range of mobile device compatibility happens to be rather limited, […]

Vine Update Brings Looping Music For Videos
A new update has been released for Vine which brings perfectly looping music for six-second videos recorded using the app, the feature allows users to add music that perfectly suit their videos. Vine will select all of the music and handle the licensing end of things so that users can easily pick and choose the music to go with their video without having to worry about anything else.

Twitter Updates Vine App
Vine, an app that is owned by the folks over at Twitter, has just received an update which will make life a whole lot easier for you. Hey, that is what updates are meant for in the first place, right? To make it more convenient for the user, and at the same time, to have a greater level of features and functions than before. Having said that, let us take […]

Vine For iOS Updated With 720p Support, Android Coming Soon
For users looking to record short videos, Vine is a great solution, although we’re sure there are some users who weren’t too thrilled about the video’s 480p resolution. Given the short nature of Vine clips we suppose it didn’t really matter, but just in case you are one of those users who are looking for higher quality Vine videos, you’re in luck.The company had recently announced that the iOS version […]

Instagram Videos Now Play In A Never Ending Loop
Instagram’s video feature arrived a lot later than Twitter’s Vine but it soon became popular with a part of its user base. Vine only allows users to upload six second videos which would loop endlessly. Instagram videos didn’t loop initially but users were allowed to upload 15-second clips. Today Instagram has taken a page from Vine’s book and enabled vidoes on its service to loop endlessly.