An example of screen sharing in a group call

Skype 5.7 beta for Windows (, download link) has received an update which features a few new /better functionalities:

Group screen sharing: First, groups can now use screen sharing. This was previously only working with a one to one video chat. Business users will really like that one.

Facebook calls: Skype can now call Facebook users directly. Ever since Skype was integrated to Facebook, both companies have been working to integrate further. Skype can now call to Facebook directly, so the receiving end just needs to be logged in Facebook.

Push to talk: Use Skype as a walkie talkie and start talking at a push of a button.  Apparently, this feature came from repeated requests from gamers.

Skype/Facebook status sync: Skype now keeps your Facebook update in sync with Skype update. If you’re idle in Facebook, Skype users will see that.

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