At the rate things are going, carmakers are definitely starting to look towards a future where cars will no longer have to rely on fossil fuels to be powered, and will instead rely on clean energy like electricity (hydrogen-powered cars are also a possibility). However when will such a future arrive where electric cars might overtake regular cars?

At least for Volvo, the company is aiming for 2025. According to the company, it seems that they are hoping that by 2025, at least half of their sales will be that of electric cars. This was revealed by the company’s CEO Håkan Samuelsson at the Beijing Auto Show where he was quoted as saying, “Last year we made a commitment to electrification in preparation for an era beyond the internal combustion engine. Today we reinforce and expand that commitment in the world’s leading market for electrified cars.”

Prior to this, in 2017 Volvo announced a goal where they stated that in 2019, all models that they will be unveiling will feature an electric motor. While some of these cars might be hybrids, they will all feature an electric motor at least. However this latest commitment seems to be taking it to the next level where they hope that half of their car sales will be of the full electric variety.

Will they be able to achieve that goal? We’ll have to wait and see, but Volvo is definitely not alone in this and we expect that in the future more customers will start adopting similar green modes of transportation.

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