Samsung Galaxy Watch Makes An Appearance On Samsung’s Own Website

Samsung has a new wearable in the works according to both the rumors and a recent FCC filing, but in terms of design, that was still pretty much anyone’s guess until now where it appears that Samsung might have accidentally revealed the upcoming device on their very own website.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Could Come In More Than One Size

Recently we have been hearing rumors that Samsung could have a new smartwatch in the works dubbed the Galaxy Watch. Now according to a recent sighting at the FCC, it seems that more details about the upcoming watch have been revealed, such as how it could be offered in more than one size.

Researchers Develop Wearable That Measures Your Cortisol Levels

The majority of fitness trackers offer pretty standard fitness tracking features, such as the steps we’ve taken, distance walked/run, calories burned, and heart rate. These are considered to be “basic” functions that most people would expect from such trackers, but it is possible that in the future our trackers could become more complex and better at gathering data.

PEGASI’s Smart Glasses Will Help You Sleep Better

There are some of us who are lucky enough to be able to fall asleep in an instant without much fuss. However there are some of us who from time to time struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, whether it be due to the stress of the day, or the constant worry about the things they have to do tomorrow, and so on.


Samsung Gear S4 Could Be Launched As The ‘Galaxy Watch’

The last time we saw Samsung launch a Gear S smartwatch was back in 2016. The company has since followed up with other wearables like the Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro. However we have been hearing that the company could be launching a successor to the Gear S3 this year in the form of the Gear S4.

Smart Prosthetic Ankle Can Adapt To Uneven Grounds

One of the disadvantages to most prosthetics is that they’re rather stiff in nature. For example while on the surface people with prosthetic legs look the same, when they walk it is usually a dead giveaway. However a company by the name of Vanderbilt has built a prosthetic leg that comes with a “smart” ankle that will allow it to adapt to uneven ground.

Apple Watch Modern Buckle Has Been Discontinued

From time to time Apple refreshes the bands that are offered with the Apple Watch. Now if you were thinking of getting a new band for your Apple Watch, you might want to take note that it seems that Apple has discontinued the Modern Buckle for the Apple Watch, meaning that you won’t be able to get your hands on it anymore.

Apple Watch Owner Sues Apple Over ‘Scratch-Resistant’ Marketing

Like most (or all) devices with screens, there comes a time when they might get scratched, and this is why screen protectors continue to be very popular accessories. However in the case of the Apple Watch, it seems that one owner, a 21-year old Dean Lubaki from Canada, decided that the scratches on his device warranted a lawsuit against Apple.

University Of Alabama Students Can Now Use Apple Watch As Student IDs

Considering that our lives are filled with all kinds of gadgets, it makes to streamline certain things. For example pilots are starting to make the shift from paper manuals to iPads, and we’re seeing the same in sports where coaches are using tablets for playbooks. Now it looks like similar conveniences are coming to students.

Pebble Smartwatches Could Be Getting A Second Lease On Life

As you might have heard, Fitbit has announced that they will be officially ending support for the Pebble watch this month. However the good news is that if you still think that the Pebble smartwatch is a great device that you want to keep using, it seems that it could be getting a second lease on life.

Samsung’s Gear S4 Smartwatch May Be Released This August

Recent reports have suggested that Samsung is working on a new smartwatch which may be launched as the successor to the Gear S3. This is why it’s currently referred to as the Gear S4 despite reports that the company is planning to shift its Gear devices to the Galaxy branding as well. A new report claims that Samsung might launch the Gear S4 this August, possibly alongside the Galaxy Note […]

Fitbit Ace Fitness Tracker For Kids Now Available

Fitness trackers such as those made by Fitbit are usually marketed towards teens or adults. However earlier this year the company announced the Fitbit Ace which is aimed towards kids. If you’re a parent who wouldn’t mind getting it for your child, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the Fitbit Ace is now available for purchase.

Future Apple Watches Could Get Touch-Sensitive, Solid-State Buttons

One of the changes that Apple made to its iPhones in recent years is the removal of the physical home button in favor of a solid-state button. This simulated the home button but because it doesn’t move, it means that it is less prone to mechanical failure (something iPhone users have been dealing with).

Class Action Lawsuit Claims All Apple Watches Are ‘Defective’

There are plenty of things to like about the Apple Watch, and plenty of things to dislike about the Apple Watch. However to go as far as claiming that they’re all “defective”? Apparently that’s what one class action lawsuit is alleging, according to a report from Patently Apple (via 9to5Mac).