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Web version of Nokia Maps works on Android handsets and iPhones
Now here is something interesting for you to check out – the Web version of Nokia maps (which is currently in beta) can actually function on non-Nokia devices, now how about that? We’re talking about compatibility with Android-powered and iOS-powered devices, including the iPhone 4.To get the Web version of Nokia Maps up and running on non-Nokia devices, just point the device’s browser to, where you will then be […]

ucardo combines QR codes with business cards
Since Hipscan popped up a few weeks ago to bring QR codes into the limelight, it feels like the black and white boxes are making a comeback. Another company taking advantage of QR codes for its virtual business card service has now surfaced, with an open beta for the public to try out. Called ucardo, the service attempts to bring business cards to a whole new level.ucardo works by giving […]

Pogoplug becomes pure software, opens DIY floodgates
Pogoplug is often known as the cute “plug” that transforms a USB hard drive into a network attached storage (NAS) with a powerful (yet, super easy to use) web media server. More recently, it has become the force behind a number of  NAS designs as it was directly embedded in the disks themselves. Now, Pogoplug will come as a pure software solution which will transform your computer(s) into the most […]

Facebook Spartan: No-one knows what it is, but everyone is excited
Facebook Spartan - It is said to be a mobile platform that runs in a web browser, thanks to HTML5 support.


Spotify rumored to launch this July
We previously reported that Spotify managed to get three out of the four major labels onboard with its music streaming service and judging by what Spotify’s general manager, Jonathan Forster, recently announced in an advertising conference – we could be seeing the service in the US very soon. According to Forster, Spotify is wrapping up the final licensing deals for its US launch. While he wasn’t specific about a release […]

Hipscan makes QR codes cool again
Everything seems to be about NFC these days, but when there are more phones on the market that are unable to scan NFC cards compared to those that can, it’s catching on pretty slowly. However, most phones (if not all smartphones) can read QR codes with their built-in cameras, but it’s not exactly at the pinnacle of popularity.However, the folks over at Hipscan plans to change that. The company has […]

Wheel of Steel lets you be a DJ with your web browser
Gone are the days where users are required to download programs if they want to experience apps with rich multimedia content on their computers. Nowadays, everything can be pretty much done with the web browser – and you don’t even need Flash anymore. Scott Schiller, an engineer at Flickr, and the creator of the Sound Manager API (a control that lets users play audio online using JavaScript) has just launched […]

Mozilla Firefox 5 almost out the door
Firefox fans looking for a nice tasty update to their favorite web browser have something to look forward to next week. Mozilla released the Firefox 5 RC (Release Candidate) version of the browser yesterday (this is the step after beta and before the final release), and announced that it has plans to release the final version of the browser next week – assuming no major bugs are found or overhauls […]

Spotify one step closer to arriving in the US?
With all the major cloud music services on the table, the one remaining cloud service that hasn’t been able to cross over to the US has been pretty quiet about its moves. Well, according to the latest reports from All Things D, it looks like the wait for the streaming music service is almost over. Spotify has been said to have signed an American distribution deal with Universal Music Group […]

YouTube 3D video now supported by NVIDIA 3D Vision
For folks who have 3D capable computers using NVIDIA 3D Vision hardware, but have run out of 3D content to watch or games to play can rejoice – investing in that 3D setup wasn’t a waste after all. NVIDIA has just announced today that users will be able to enjoy YouTube’s 3D channel in stereoscopic 3D with their NVIDIA 3D Vision PCs and notebooks.“We’re excited to introduce HTML5 and WebM […]

blinkx video search app now on Roku
blinkx has just announced the launch of its advanced video search engine app for the Roku internet TV platform. The app allows customers to seamlessly search, discover and watch high quality videos from blinkx’s extensive index of professionally produced content. Ranging from music videos to archived news footage, video game reviews and more – blinkx basically lets users search for video content that is available from all over the internet.The […]

YouTube: more than 48 hours of video uploaded every minute
These couple of days has somehow been all about milestones. Samsung TV app store hitting 5 million downloads, Instagram users uploading 10 photos per second, and Apple with a rumored 500,000 apps approved for the App Store. Well to add one more achievement to the list we have YouTube.YouTube has announced that they’ve not reached 3 billion views a day – a 50% increase over last year. In addition to […]

Firefox for Android beta can now cover your tracks
Good news to folks who are paranoid about surfing websites while using their own phones – Firefox for Android beta now has the function to surf the web privately (or incognito for you Chrome users) – a feature not found in most mobile browsers at the moment. If you have friends who always use your phone to check their Facebook accounts or web email, they’ll be glad to know you […]

Dragontape lets you remix your web videos on your iPad
Dragontape has just announced the launch of the Dragontape app for the iPad. This app lets users create a “mixtape” of their favorite video clips and songs found online. Instead of sharing videos by clicking on a video and then huddling around the iPad with your friends while it loads, Dragontape lets you compile all your favorite video and music into a single mixtape for easy viewing.Dragontape also gives users […]

TinyChat launches location-based video group chat
TinyChat, the world’s fastest-growing video group chat portal has just announced the launch of location-based video group chat feature on its service. Users of the chat service now have the ability to set their current location so that they can video chat with people in their area. This means that with the function enabled, you’ll only be chatting to people within a 10-mile radius of where you are and still […]

Twitter updates mobile website
In an attempt to bring a unified Twitter experience across its official mobile client and mobile website, Twitter has updated the mobile website for touchscreen devices. It now looks like the default Twitter app, featuring a tool bar on the top for checking tweets, direct messages, searching and your profile. This version of Twitter makes use of HTML5 and other web technologies to recreate the Twitter app experience. With functions […]

Google Images now lets you sort by subject
As search engines improve and users are starting to search for more than just text or websites, image searching has become a really important part of the search engine. Well, Google has just announced a new feature for its Google Images search – the ability to sort results by subject. Let’s say you’re searching for an image of a dog, but you don’t really know what dog you’re looking for. […]

F-Browser brings Flash to iOS
Right now, if you want to watch Flash videos on your iOS device, you look for an alternative website that contains iOS-friendly video, you use an alternative browser such as Skyfire, or you jailbreak your iPhone and install apps that let it happen. Retina Software has just announced the launch of their new web browser – called F-Browser (we assume the F in its name is supposed to mean Flash).Anyhow, […]

Cyber criminals exploit Osama's death
While we’ve all been told that Osama has finally been found and killed, a lot of people are unsatisfied with just words and want more proof of his demise. Cyber criminals recognize this and have decided to take exploit this fact and not a day too late. You don’t have to look very hard to see that the internet is now flooded with tons of links claiming to have shocking […]

Movie studio uses BitTorrent to officially distribute film
If there’s one thing beneficial about the pirate community, it’s the speed of which things can be spread with their services. So when it came to pushing out and promoting a new, relatively unknown movie, a movie production studio called Iron Cat has decided to share its upcoming film, Barzda (The Beard) on Lithuania’s most popular torrent tracker, LinkoManija, along with a number of other trackers.Iron Cat is no stranger […]