When Google unveiled its Chromebook in May at Google I/O, two models were shown, the Samsung WiFi model, made available on June 15th for $449 ($449 Wifi+ 3G) and the Acer model, sold for $349.

Today, Samsung is introducing a new black version of its Wi-Fi only Samsung Chromebook Series 5, and both Samsung and Acer models will be available online from Amazon, Best Buy  and TigerDirect starting at $299.

For those who did not follow the Google computer story, since the beta model codenamed CR-48 launched last year, here is the deal: the Chromebook runs the Chrome OS and users have access to data and applications only from the web via the Chrome Browser.

Chromebook log-in screen previous version - introduced in May 2011

Google has made a few updates to the Chromebook OS to be in tune with the recent redesign of the Chrome AppStore. The login got a facelift, and now thumbnails are well balanced in the start screen’ s layout,  the balc background got replaced by a white one, probably to match Google’s look and feel on the web(see pictures after the jump). The search giant also revamped the New Tab page to provide a better user experience, check the video  to see gor yourself.

Chromebook new login screen unveiled today

In case you would like to try the Chromebook before ordering it online, test drives are available at Samsung Experience in New York City or at some of Virgin America’s boarding areas in airports.

Check the video below to see how the Chromebook works.

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