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HP to make webOS open source by fall 2012
HP announced that they would make webOS open source by the time fall 2012 rolls around, which is not something that the tech industry envisioned. After all, most folks thought that HP would have taken the more “normal” route of selling the operating system, or at least, send it back to the drawing board if they intend to pursue this course. We are pleased to say that Enyo 2.0 was […]

webOS receives OTA update
It is still hard to believe that just a couple of years ago, Palm was still there at CES, with their very own presentation room (that served great canapes, sushi and tapas), while we journalists could slowly go through the different aspects of webOS across a handful of devices. Fast forward by 700+ days, and how things have changed! There is no more webOS – or so we think, what […]

HP webOS: now open source
For those of you who are still shedding tears over the death of HP’s webOS devices and worrying about the future of the webOS operating system, there’s hope: HP has officially announced it will be contributing webOS to the open source community. This won’t mean a lot to consumers at first, but open-source enthusiasts are probably in cloud nine right now as they will have access to the full source […]

webOS 2.2.4 update rolling out to Pre 2 phones
Even though HP has decided to stop producing webOS devices, it looks like the company is still going to fully support the operating system (though for how long we can’t say). It has been reported that Pre 2 owners have started receiving a new webOS update from HP. The update brings the phone’s operating system up to webOS 2.2.4 and includes a number of upgrades as well.It introduces Skype voice […]


HP TouchPad goes on sale one last time on the 11th of December
The HP TouchPad has been selling like hotcakes and its heavily discounted price of $99 is probably the main reason behind that. Despite the fact that HP may or may not kill off webOS, $99 for a tablet with the potential to run CyanogenMod on it as an Android tablet is a pretty tempting offer. The good news for those who may have missed out on HP’s earlier two fire […]

HP TouchPad Go spotted on eBay
While you may never ever pick up a HP TouchPad Go from a retail outlet in the near future, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get your hands on one ever again. In case you weren’t aware, HP had originally planned to release a smaller version of the HP TouchPad, but cancelled it for some reason. The webOS tablet was nowhere to be seen even though it has […]

WebOS write-off costs HP $3.3B
In today’s earning call from HP, the world has learned that HP has spent $3.3 Billion to write off things related to Palm and WebOS. This comes less than two years after HP spent $1.2 Billion to acquire Palm in the first place. Overall, this probably put the losses related to Palm a bit over $5B.

TouchPad hacked onto a microwave, lets you watch videos while you wait
Sometimes waiting for your food to microwave could take a while, especially if you use it to defrost, so how about watching some videos while waiting for the microwave to finish? A group of students at the University of Pennsylvania have come up with such a hack for your microwave oven. Called the μWave, it combines an Arduino with a TouchPad that has been taped to the microwave door.

HP TouchPad will be sold to developers for $149.99
While HP may or may not have plans to revive their webOS platform in the future, they have claimed that they will continue to support the platform and are apparently trying to attract more developers to the platform. They are attempting to achieve this by offering the discontinued HP TouchPad to developers for $149.99 via the HP TouchPad Device Purchase Program.

HP Pre 3 gets a teardown at the FCC
Before you question the death of the HP Pre 3 – yes, the phone has been officially killed. Someone didn’t give the folks at the FCC a memo about the phone or they just felt like inspecting it anyway. Regardless, HP’s flagship webOS a nice teardown and photographs of its innards have been released online. So while we may never get to hold a Pre 3 in our hands, or […]

webOS Synergy might offer better TouchPad performance
Granted, HP’s TouchPad was certainly one of the shortest lived products ever to hit the market, getting pulled so close after its release date, and creating quite a furore in the process. Well, we do know that the TouchPad ran on webOS 3.0, but it seems that webOS 3.0.5 does shed some clues towards a more integrated Twitter experience and of course, as with any other self-respecting software update would […]

$99 HP TouchPad officially sold out, but still available from Best Buy
Well, it looks like the availability of the $99 HP TouchPad has come to an end. HP has finally sent out notices saying that it is officially out of TouchPad tablets, so for those of you who didn’t manage to pick one up the second time around, you’re out of luck – at least if you’re looking to purchase it from HP. On the same note, Best Buy has announced that […]

HP releases OTA update for TouchPad
HP may have decided to call it quits with their webOS devices, but it looks like they will still be providing support for it, although as to how much longer remains unknown. The good news is that for early adopters of HP’s TouchPad and who are actually using the tablet for webOS as opposed to waiting for its Android port, HP has issued an OTA update for the tablet today.

HP decides on Palm and webOS future this week
I’m not quite sure what the game plan HP had in mind when they purchased Palm some time ago, but it seems as though that is one plan that had fallen apart at the seams. The HP TouchPad did receive some buzz when it was introduced, but then again the tablet’s sales were stopped barely a month into its release. Signs point towards HP deciding on the future of Palm […]