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LG WebOS TV Will Be Unveiled At CES 2014
WebOS couldn’t make its mark on tablets and smartphones when Palm and HP both tried their best, perhaps it might fare well on TVs. After being on a long hiatus, and being picked up by LG, a new webOS product is on the horizon. LG has confirmed that its very first product running this OS is a TV, which is going to be unveiled next month at the Consumer Electronics […]

HP Blasts Rumors That It Is Making A Smartphone
It was first rumored a few days ago that HP was going to make an entry into the smartphone market once again. The company has kept itself out ever since its webOS powered devices weren’t able to gain any traction. HP was rumored to be making a Windows Phone powered smartphone, but now the company has issued a firm denial. A PR representative for HP said that the story is […]

webOS Like Fate Predicted For Windows RT
Windows RT will reportedly suffer a fate similar to webOS, because according to its upstream supply sources many brand vendors have stopped developing products based on this platform.

LG webOS-Powered TVs Expected In Early 2014
LG announced earlier this week it acquired webOS from HP to be used in its brand of Smart TVs, although they didn’t a timeframe on when exactly consumers could expect to see webOS-powered Smart TVs.According to The Verge’s sources, and loosely confirmed by LG VP of communications John Taylor, we can expect LG Smart TVs to run on webOS starting in early 2014, with a launch possibly expected at CES.


LG Acquires webOS From HP For Use In Smart TVs
[MWC 2013] LG has been looking into using webOS on its brand of Smart TVs since this past October, and it looks like the company likes what it saw as it’s announcing it is acquiring the platform to be used in its Smart TVs.LG acquiring webOS from HP means they’ll obtain the source code for the OS, its related documents, engineering talent and all websites related to webOS. LG will also […]

Google Nexus 7 Runs webOS Smoothly
What you see above is definitely very different and removed from everyday reality. In fact, we are talking about the Google Nexus 7 which obviously, being a Google product, will run on the Android mobile operating system and nothing else. Well, the folks over at WebOS Ports have been rather naughty, porting over webOS to the Google Nexus 7. This is definitely not the first Android-powered device to receive the […]

webOS Runs On Android Platform?
Ever since HP rolled out the source code for Open webOS, developers have gotten down to work with relish, and some of them have even ported the operating system to different platforms, and one of the more memorable moments was to see it run on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as well as other devices such as the Asus Transformer Prime tablet. Well, who knows, sometime down the road, you might […]

LG looks towards webOS Smart TV
Smart TVs are starting to creep into our living rooms slowly but surely, thanks to a decent Internet connection that has made its way into just about every single home. LG, for instance, is said to debut a new Smart TV that will run on the now defunct webOS. No idea on just how LG intends to go around implementing a webOS-powered Smart TV, as it sure as heck is […]

WebOS is reborn in a live USB distro
Miss your Palm Pre or Pixi? Did you get one of those firesale Touchpads and wished that you could run WebOS on a different form factor? Those were the hopes when HP opened sourced the failed Palm operating system. It seems like the open source community is running with the code, though, and today a distribution of WebOS built on top of Ubuntu was released by Ping-Hsun Chen. We’ve already […]

HP CEO hints at a future smartphone
Back in 2010, when HP acquired Palm, hopes were high about the company. The $1.2 billion deal allowed HP to make use of Palm’s OS on its tablets and smartphones. It was expected that the deal would finally allow HP to take off in the smartphone market.But all these hopes came crashing down when webOS devices absolutely failed to gain traction. Since then, HP has focused on its traditional PC […]

HP resurrects WebOS using Gram
I guess you can say that WebOS is the mobile operating system that simply refuses to die, where this former operating system of Palm that was acquired by Hewlett-Packard (HP) is now the main focus of the start-up known as Gram, especially after WebOS was sidelined into an open source project. An internal email did point towards the recruitment of staff to run Gram as an independent subsidiary of HP, […]

webOS hacked, offers swiping gesture to switch apps
HP recently made available the source code for webOS Community Edition, and you can say that developers have dived into the operating system with a buzz, modifying it according to their whim, fancy and ability. Well, what are the results of their labor? One of the initial hacks hail from from Dave Freeman, who was a developer at HP Palm. He successfully enabled the user to switch between currently running […]

HP webOS Community Edition released
In March this year, we talked about how HP has plans to release even more source code surrounding the now defunct webOS, and here we are halfway through the middle of the year and HP has just announced that they will be rolling out more of the source code for webOS Community Edition. The whole idea of this exercise is to make life a whole lot more easy for developers […]

webOS 3.0.5: More source code to be released by HP
The HP TouchPad might be a chapter of HP’s history that they want to forget, but that does not mean nobody loves the no defunct tablet. In fact, HP intends to transform the webOS platform into one that will allow tablets and smartphones run on open source software, and in order to achieve that objective, they have just released more parts of webOS 3.0.5 as open source software. This move […]