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Microsoft Has No Plans To Release Its Own Windows Phone Anytime Soon
We’ve been hearing a number of rumors of Microsoft possibly creating a Microsoft-branded “Surface Phone,” which we expected to hear by the first half of this year, especially since Foxconn has reportedly been chosen to manufacture the device. But Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Phone, Terry Myerson, decided to shed some light on the company’s plans on possibly delivering an official Microsoft-branded Windows Phone.Myerson hulk smashed his way through all of those […]

Unofficial Google Maps App gMaps Updated With Improvements In Tow
It seems that the unofficial Google Maps app for Windows Phone 8 is hugely popular, and it is always nice to see the user community take the necessary steps to ensure that they remain on top of things at all times. In fact, the unofficial Google Maps app has just received a new version update, where it has been bumped up to version 2.1 this time around. gMaps is definitely […]

Hulu Plus Might Arrive On Windows Phone 8 Soon
So you own a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, and are having a ball of a time with it so far. Apart from using your device to enjoy music and videos on it, how about flirting with the idea of on-demand video service? This is where the likes of Hulu come in, where Hulu is said to have been working on a Windows Phone application for some time already. Rumor has […]

T-Mobile Announces Nokia Lumia 521 Again
T-Mobile already made the announcement of Lumia 521 at the MWC back in February, today’s press release is the second official confirmation we’ve received about this exclusive device. T-Mobile is partnering with Nokia to bring the Lumia 521 exclusively to its customers. This Lumia smartphone runs on Windows Phone 8, like all other smartphones in Nokia’s signature range. T-Mobile says that the Nokia Lumia 521 is a perfect, everyday smartphone that […]


Nokia Lumia 920 Is The Best Selling Windows Phone
With iOS and Android firmly holding their ground as the top two smartphone platforms, many argue that there is room for a third platform as well. The tussle for that place is between BlackBerry and Windows Phone, both have been working quite hard to get their platforms off the ground. Nokia has pledged unwavering support to Microsoft and its Lumia range of smartphones are testimony enough. According to AdDuplex, a […]

Windows Blue Will Merge Windows 8 And Windows Phone 8 [Rumor]
We’ve been hearing quite a lot about Windows Blue lately. Microsoft has only confirmed the Blue moniker, they’ve not said anything else about it. Previous Blue related rumors claim that this update will be akin to a service pack which will be released for Windows 8. It has also been rumored that Microsoft will be releasing Windows Blue as part of the Windows 8 wave, and that it is certainly […]

Nokia Music For Windows Phone 8 Knows Your Listening History
If there is one app or software that does not need an “incognito mode” at all, it would be MP3 players. After all, you would be proud to wear the name of your favorite band in the form of a tattoo on your forearm, so that the world will know what an amazing band they are. The more obscure the name, the better, since it shows what a non-conformist that […]

Viber With VOIP Now Available For Windows Phone 8
The other day we reported that Viber with VOIP capabilities had been submitted to the Windows Phone Store for approval and could be seeing a release sometime this week. Well if you’re a heavy Viber user and this is an app you’ve been looking forward to for your Windows Phone 8 device, you’re in luck as the app is currently available for download! As expected the app is free for […]

Viber For Windows Phone 8 Submitted To The Windows Phone Store, Could See A Release This Week
A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Viber with VOIP enabled would be coming to Windows Phone 8 in the near future, sometime towards the end of March and early April. While the app has yet to make its way into the Windows Phone Store, the good news is that the wait could be coming to an end. According to TruTower, Viber for Windows Phone 8 has been submitted […]

Windows Phones Usurped iPhones In The Following Countries...
Remember earlier this morning when we brought you word that Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system actually outsold the likes of the iPhone and BlackBerry in select markets? Well, back then, the list of countries were not available for the masses to check out, but things do not remain a secret for too long on the Internet, and here we are with the juicy list where Windows Phones outship iPhones. Thanks […]

Windows Phone 8 Update Activates FM Radio, Double-Tap To Wake On Lumia 920
Microsoft may have marked July 2014 as the cutoff point to when they’ll stop supporting Windows Phone 8, but until then, they’ll keep cranking out updates to help improve the platform for their customers. The next update Microsoft plans to release for Windows Phone 8 devices will reportedly support FM radio hardware, which was dropped when they introduced Windows Phone 8. The update will allow for handsets that support it, […]

Pandora Launches On Windows Phone 8 With Ad-Free Service For 2013
Even though the official cut-off date for support will be July 2014, developers are finally starting to make their hugely popular applications onto Windows Phone 8. We recently saw the Call of Duty Elite and Nokia HERE apps make the jump to serve all of Windows Phone 8 users, and today, one of the most popular music streaming services, Pandora, is finally making the jump to Windows Phone 8.Pandora for Windows Phone […]

Viber With VOIP Capabilities Arriving On Windows Phone 8 In March/April
For those unfamiliar with other VOIP apps other than Skype, there is also the popular option of Viber which is available on both iOS and Android. Viber, like Skype, offers VOIP calls and messaging, meaning that if you have WiFi or 3G/4G coverage, you can make calls to other Viber users and not have to spend your minutes or credit if you’re on prepaid. Of course it eats up data […]

Microsoft Offering Windows Developers $100 In Cash For New Apps
Microsoft has started a new marketing campaign in the US geared primarily towards Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 developers. The Redmond based company is offering $100 in cash to developers who will submit new apps for both of these platforms. They can submit 10 apps in each store and earn up to $2,000. The apps have to be submitted before June 30. The cash incentive will be given to […]