For folks who love living out the wireless lifestyle, surely you would be on the lookout for devices that recharge wirelessly as well – and the HP TouchPad is certainly one of them, although it isn’t the first. It must be said that the HP TouchPad will work with the Touchstone wireless charger, and we are pleased to announce that said device has already gotten approval from the good people over at the FCC.


At first glance, the Touchstone charger does resemble a standard tablet stand somewhat, but the moment you open up the Touchstone and see its innards, your eyes will be greeted by a bunch of foil, a wireless charging coil, and a small circuit board.  

The HP TouchPad has yet to make a delible mark on the tablet market, but with wireless charging capability, who knows? A select group of people might actually warm up to it. Then again, the difference between plugging in a wired device and wireless charging is a matter of seconds (and definitely less unsightly cables), but wither the price of convenience?

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