siri ios 10Last week thanks to a series of concept images, it imagined that iOS 10 would add a “Dark mode” to the operating system. Just in case you’re unfamiliar, dark mode essentially applies a dark theme to the operating system, making it easier on the eyes in low-light situations, or for users who just want something a little different.

However it seems that the concept images could be indication of more than just wishful thinking. According to a response given by Siri, it seems that dark mode could indeed be a feature of iOS 10. Note that the concept images were simply created as a wishlist of sorts, where fans/designers imagine what kind of features they would like to see in iOS.

These aren’t rumors or hints, but now Siri’s response has us wondering if maybe there could be more to this than we think. As you can see in Siri’s response, the voice assistant has replied by saying it can’t change the setting. Usually Siri’s response to commands it doesn’t understand or if it doesn’t exist will be, “I don’t understand”, but this response suggests that the feature could be there, but it can’t be enabled since the user is still on iOS 9.

In any case WWDC 2016 will be kicking off tomorrow at 10am PDT, so remember to check back with us later for the details. In the meantime if this is true, it would certainly allow Apple to stick it to Google who has once again delayed the feature for Android.

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