ios 10 texteditFor those who don’t use Apple’s OS X (now known as macOS), the company bundles a rather barebones word processor called TextEdit, which we guess could be thought of as the equivalent to Notepad for Windows. However could the app be making its way onto iOS 10? According to a screenshot, it seems that there are hints that it could.

It was spotted during the WWDC 2016 demo for iOS 10, in which the icon for TextEdit was pictured, as you can see in the screengrab above. This seems to suggest that Apple might be interested in bringing the app onto mobile, although we can’t say for sure why. In terms of word processing, Apple already has Pages for mobile, and there is also the Notes app which has since been beefed up with more formatting options.

However it has been pointed out that in the past, TextEdit has made appearances on iOS pre-releases, like in iOS 8 which obviously did not make the cut. It has been suggested that the app could be used as a read-only document viewer for TextEdit files that are stored in iCloud, although having one app just to read one specific format does seem to be a bit too much.

It has been speculated that the app could simply be used as a testing app by its employees, and given that this is a demo for iOS 10, we suppose it kind of makes sense, but either way we’ll be keeping an eye out for it all the same.

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