Ever since the Wall Street Journal revealed Google’s intent to work with Motorola to create their “X Phone,” which they plan to have it compete with iPhone and Galaxy devices, we’ve been keeping a close eye on any news regarding the device. So far, we heard rumors the X Phone is an unbreakable Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie device expected for a July release.

We’re not hearing anything as exciting as those previous rumors today, but instead, it seems Motorola may have confirmed such a device exists through a LinkedIn job posting. The job posting at Motorola is seeking a Senior Director of Product Management for something called “X-Phone.”

Since it was stumbled onto this morning, the LinkedIn listing has since been yanked, although a similar job posting can be seen within Motorola’s jobs database, except without any mention of the “X-Phone.”

Unfortunately for us and the X Phone-curious world, the job listing doesn’t detail anything in regards to the device. For the most part, it’s a typical looking job posting you would see anywhere on LinkedIn. Although, we know whoever becomes the ideal candidate for Motorola’s listing will have quite the task ahead of them. Is Peter Moore doing anything these days?

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