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Future Xbox 360 Games With Gold Will Be Playable On Xbox One
Microsoft has made a few major Xbox related announcements today as part of its appearance at Gamescom and the company is not quite done yet. It has announced that future titles released as part of the Xbox 360 Games with Gold program will be playable on the Xbox One as well. For those who are unaware Microsoft has already confirmed backwards compatibility for the Xbox One which means that the […]

All Gears Of War Titles Are Backwards Compatible On Xbox One
Microsoft is currently in the process of remastering the first Gears of War title for Xbox One and while it won’t be remastering all of the previous titles for the console Xbox One owners will still be able to play them. Not too long ago Microsoft announced that backwards compatibility is coming to Xbox One and this feature will enable owners of this console to play previous Gears of War titles […]

Sony’s PS4 Sales Are Double That Of The Xbox One, Xbox 360
It is no secret that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is selling better than Microsoft’s Xbox One. It helped that the console was priced cheaper at launch, giving Sony a considerable head start over Microsoft before the Redmond company wised up and decided to slash their prices as well. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it looks like Sony is still in the lead.According to the recent financial reports from both Sony and Microsoft, it […]

EA Exec Peter Moore Credits Steve Ballmer For Saving The Xbox
Gamers who have been playing consoles long enough might recall the unfortunate incident with the Xbox 360’s red ring of death from many years ago. Basically this resulted in the console “dying” and sending it back to Microsoft to get it fixed was pretty much the only thing gamers could do.Unsurprisingly this cost Microsoft a lot of money and according to a recent interview on IGN (transcribed by Eurogamer) during […]


Play Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One As Backwards Compatibility Confirmed
A rather interesting announcement has just been made at the Xbox E3 2015 press conference in Los Angeles. Xbox One was released back in 2013 and like its rival, the PlayStation, it doesn’t have backward compatibility with the Xbox 360. There has been much debate about this and while some were in favor of it, others believed that it was right of Microsoft to limit Xbox One to new or remastered […]

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 For PS3 And Xbox 360 Confirmed
Bethesda’s recent announcement that Fallout 4 will not be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 certainly made a lot of gamers sad, particularly those who have not upgraded their consoles just yet, but they’ll certainly be happy with what Activision has announced today. The publisher just confirmed Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360, it had originally announced the title for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and […]

Fallout 4 For Xbox 360 And PS3 Not Happening
There was no shortage of speculation regarding Fallout 4 but it became clear a couple of weeks back that Bethesda would soon unveil the new title, and certainly did earlier this week. The first Fallout 4 trailer was released and some details about the title were revealed, but obviously there’s much that Bethesda has yet to tell us. It has said something though which might not appeal to folks with previous-generation consoles, […]

Fallout 4 Could Launch On The Xbox 360 & PS3
Just yesterday Bethesda began to tease the official Fallout 4 announcement. While the game has yet to be officially confirmed, the teaser image certainly seems to point towards that. Now the question is which platforms could the game be launched on? Presumably it would launch on the PC and consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but what about older consoles?Well the good news is that if you have […]

Has Mortal Kombat X For PS3/Xbox 360 Been Delayed Again?
As it stands, gamers on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC are enjoying Mortal Kombat X. However as you might recall a couple of months ago, we reported that the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game had been delayed to the summer of 2015 which should be pretty soon, but it looks like it could have been delayed again.This is according to a recent listing on […]

Ubisoft Will Not Bring Triple-A Titles Onto PS3/Xbox 360 Consoles
Both the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One were released in 2013, which means that it’s been about one and a half years that both consoles have been in the market, which also means that developers will most likely start to shift their focus towards developing for these consoles as opposed to their predecessors.Ubisoft is one of them as the company has recently announced that moving forward, all of […]

Xbox Live Games With Gold For May 2015 Confirmed
Every month members of the Xbox Live Gold program are provided access to several titles for free, this adds value to the subscription service and providers gamers with free titles. As part of the Games with Gold program three new games will be available for free to both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners throughout the month of May 2015.

Xbox 360 System Update For Preview Program Members Offers 2TB Hard Drive Support
It was in March this year, when the Preview Program was announced that will see an expansion made to the Xbox 360 so that it will work in pretty much the say manner as that of the Xbox One Preview Program. Basically, selected members will have to sign-up straight from their Xbox 360 consoles and the moment they are registered, they will gain the chance to install system updates as […]

Fast & Furious Forza Horizon 2 Expansion Released
It was confirmed last month that Xbox and Universal Partnerships & Licensing have come together to bring a piece of Fast & Furious to Forza Horizon 2, a title that’s exclusive to the Xbox. It’s a standalone open-world expansion which will put players behind the wheel of 11 cars that also make an appearance in the Fast & Furious motion pictures. Microsoft has already clarified that you don’t need to […]

Xbox 360 2015 Spring Value Bundles Out Now
Better late than never, I guess, but if you were to settle for a new console right smack in the middle of your living room, surely a previous edition model would not quite be able to cut the mustard, right? Having said that, if you feel that you would like to enjoy some previous generation gaming in your living room, you might be interested to find out that the Xbox […]