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Four New Xbox One S Bundles Launched By Microsoft
Anticipating a surge in sales over the upcoming holiday season, Microsoft today announced the launch of four new Xbox One S bundles. Each bundle includes an Xbox One S console that’s paired with a popular game and also offers additional content. Anyone who’s on the market for a new Xbox One console should check out these bundles, particularly if they don’t want to spend more money on the Xbox One […]

Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle Goes On Sale
Microsoft’s latest limited edition Xbox One S bundle is an ode to Minecraft fans. It’s catering to those fans now as Microsoft owns Mojang, the studio behind Minecraft. The Xbox One S Minecraft limited edition bundle has gone on sale today. The console looks like it’s straight out of Minecraft and that’s something that many of the game’s fans are going to appreciate.

Custom Xbox One S Pays Tribute To Paul Walker
Microsoft has developed a custom Xbox One S to the late Paul Walker, best known for his work in the Fast and Furious franchise. Walker tragically lost his life in a car accident back in November 2013. Microsoft has developed this console in honor of the late Fast and Furious actor. Fans of the franchise might recognize the color scheme. It’s based on Walker’s first car from the franchise that’s […]

Microsoft No Longer Selling Original Xbox One
If you’ve always wanted to purchase the original Xbox One that Microsoft launched back in 2013, you’re out of luck. The company is no longer selling the original console in the United States. It’s only selling the retail versions of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S via its online store.


Microsoft Likely To Unveil Xbox One S Minecraft Edition
It appears that Microsoft is soon going to launch a special edition version of the Xbox One S. This particular version of the console will be a Minecraft edition and if the leaked images are any indication, the console’s paint job will make it seem like it came right out of Minecraft itself. This special edition of the console will have Minecraft blocks etched into the Xbox One S.

Microsoft Offering Free Gift With Xbox One S
Microsoft is welcoming summer with a great new offer on the Xbox One S. Merely days after unveiling the Xbox One X, the company has come out with a new promotion in a bid to sell more units of the Xbox One S. For a limited time, Microsoft is going to offer a free gift with every purchase of the Xbox One S.

Microsoft Doesn't See PS4 Pro As An Xbox One X Competitor
Microsoft finally unveiled its Project Scorpio console a couple of days ago. It’s the most powerful Xbox that the company has ever built and Microsoft says that it’s also the most powerful console ever made. The Xbox One X is capable of powering 4K games which is something that the PlayStation 4 Pro can do as well, but Microsoft doesn’t see Sony’s souped up console as a competitor to the […]

Seagate Game Drive Hub For Xbox One Offers 8TB Storage
You can never have enough storage on your gaming console. With games and their subsequent updates getting heavier by the day, gone are the times when you could make do with just a few gigabytes of storage. However, there’s only so much storage that you can add to your console by swapping out its internal hard drive. You have to rely on an external solution to get the maximum possible […]

Xbox One S Price Reduced Before Project Scorpio Launch
console that Microsoft has ever made. The company is going to properly unveil the Project Scorpio Xbox at the E3 2017 gaming convention soon. To provide customers an incentive to purchase its existing console, Microsoft has decided to cut the Xbox One S price prior to the Project Scorpio launch.

Amazon Video 4K Streaming Now Works On Xbox One S
There are a handful of content streaming apps that already provide 4K streaming on the Xbox One S and now owners of this console can also stream 4K content from Amazon Video. It has been confirmed that the Amazon Video app for Xbox One S now supports 4K streaming. It has gained the ability to stream content in 4K Ultra High Definition resolution on the Xbox One.

New Xbox One S Halo Wars 2 And Forza Horizon 3 Bundles Announced
There are already quite a few Xbox One S bundles being offered that provide great value for money and now Microsoft is adding more to the list that are coupled with titles like Halo Wars 2 and Forza Horizon 3. These two new bundles are joining the lineup, both feature the Xbox One S console, either game and more.

Buy Xbox One S And Get A Free Gift To Close Out 2016
Microsoft has offered a lot of promotions and discounts this year to sell its Xbox One console and the company is now offering one last promotion to close out 2016. It’s for the Xbox One S, the refreshed console that the company released a couple of months ago as well as the Xbox One. For a limited time, all those who purchase an Xbox will receive a free gift from […]

Resident Evil 7 60FPS And 1080p Resolution Confirmed For Xbox One
Multiplatform games often fail to reach resolution parity across the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Normally, it’s Xbox One owners that get the short end of the stick which is why many of them are particularly interested to know if a multiplatform game is going to hit the same resolution as it does on the PS4. They will be happy to find out that Resident Evil 7 60FPS and 1080p […]

Xbox One Gets A Price Cut As Well
Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer great deals and discounts on a wide variety of products, including but not limited to gaming consoles. These consoles are actually some of the most sought after items during these shopping events so manufacturers almost always cut prices. With Christmas around the corner, Sony decided to offer the PlayStation 4 at the price it was being sold for on Black Friday for a limited […]