You might be waiting for your Xbox One S to arrive in the mail but a guy has already gone ahead and transformed his Xbox One S into a laptop. He’s done this before with other consoles as well so he does know what he’s doing. Modder Edward Zarick calls it the Xbook One S, he has managed to fit the console into a laptop case that also features a 19 inch 720p display.

The Xbook One S is not entirely a laptop because it doesn’t have an internal battery. So even though it’s portable, it still requires a constant power connection to function, but it certainly adds an element of portability to Microsoft’s slimmer and lighter Xbox One.

You are good to go with the Xbook One S as long as you have access to a power outlet and can stay plugged in for as long as you want to game. It enables you to take the console around with you, should you ever feel the need to.

Zarick has built in a 4K HDMI out in the case as well which enables the console to work as a regular Xbox One S when plugged to a compatible display. His previous creations include the Xbook One and the PlayBook 4, cramming the Xbox One and PS4 in a clamshell design. He’s even created a PlayBox 4One which somehow manages to couple both the PS4 and Xbox One in a single housing.

If you’re interested in picking up a Xbook One S be prepared to pay $1,495 to Zarick, excluding shipping.

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