Microsoft unveiled the updated Xbox One S console over a month ago. The new console is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, is capable of playing 4K media, and has received several other tweaks. While Microsoft is selling 500GB and 1TB versions of this console, the 2TB Xbox One S is selling out across the globe. If you couldn’t find your hands on a new one you might be out of luck because there’s a reason why Microsoft isn’t replenishing supplies of this model.

A spokesperson for Microsoft has confirmed that the 2TB Xbox One S was released as a special launch edition in limited quantities only. Now that it’s selling out, the company won’t be sending out any more supplies to retailers.

Those who were able to get one should hold on it and those who couldn’t find one at their retailers will now have to look elsewhere. Chances are that the 2TB Xbox One S will end up on eBay where scalpers will try to make a quick buck off of fans who so badly want to buy this limited edition model.

Microsoft could give customers a chance to buy the 2TB variant through bundles, it’s going to release a 2TB Gears of War 4 bundle later this year, so those who couldn’t buy one at launch will be able to get one when the bundle comes out.

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