Nokia-Foldable-BatteryOne of the things about flexible phones is not only does the display itself need to be flexible, but the rest of the components as well. After all if a screen is flexible but its innards, such as its circuits and battery is not, there’s only so much one can do, right? While Samsung is reportedly working on curved batteries that would allow for more curved devices, it seems that Nokia has a patent for a foldable battery which we reckon Samsung might be interested in, especially if they are hoping to mass produce their foldable devices in the future, unless of course Samsung has already figured out a different way in which they could possibly avoid a legal battle with Nokia over patents.


In any case according to Nokia’s patent, this looks like a battery where the battery cells are separated individually and placed in a pouch/bag that can be rolled up and folded. However given that the cells are presumably still solid and rigid, the device in question will most likely only be foldable depending on Nokia’s designs and will have certain limitations. However at the same time it looks like this foldable battery could double up as a wrist band which Nokia could use for a smartwatch. In any case it looks like foldable devices might be the next big thing and we can’t wait to see what Nokia (or Microsoft) will do next in response to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Round and LG’s G Flex.

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