Gaiam Touch heart rate monitor from Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific has just announced the Gaiam Touch, a button-free, touchscreen heart rate monitor that is the first of its kind in the industry that delivers a hassle-free exercise session. Having picked up the prestigious International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award in the Health & Wellness category, the Gaiam Touch will boast of fashion-forward colors that will not disappoint, not to mention coming in a comfortable, slim design […]

Glooko digital logbook for diabetes patients

I am glad that technology has come a long way in helping improve the overall quality of life especially in terms of healthcare and support. Diabetes is a whole lot more manageable these days, and with the advent of smartphones, there are tools which will help you monitor your blood sugar levels without having to rely on the classic notebook and pencil combo. Glooko, an app that is available over […]

Rex bionic legs go for sale in the UK

For the majority of us, getting up and about might seem to be a chore even though we have a pair of perfectly good legs, but for those who want to be up and about but cannot due to injury, disease, or even being born without the ability to use their legs, will definitely hope that they too, can figuratively be in your shoes. I guess wheelchair-bound folks can identify […]

RIBA II robot helps prop up patients

When it comes to being a caregiver for the infirmed and immobile, it takes a whole lot of grit, strength, emotional stability and perseverance to be good at it, let alone great. We humans do have our limits from time to time, and this is where robots come in. Sure, they will lack the human touch, but at least they don’t tire out or get irritated if you relate your […]


Lasers change eye color for good

Could a permanent eye color change be yet another hot new trend in the world of celebrities, glamor and perhaps, even crime? I suppose so, as a doctor in Laguna Beach, California, managed to discover a way to permanently transform brown eyes to blue. No, he does not require you to drink an unidentifiable brew that comprises of yucky ingredients, and neither is he a quack – rather, he relies […]

Jawbone UP gets official

OK, we know for the longest time that the Jawbone UP is already well on its way, but two niggling questions keep on popping up – “How much?” and “When will it arrive?”. I am rather glad that Jawbone decided to clear the air once and for all with their press release (it is a PDF link, so you have been warned), and we will deliver the nitty gritty before […]

Celliant offers responsive fabric for better health

“Wear your way to better health” might be a mantra down the road of Celliant gets their research right where responsive fabric is concerned. Granted, most of us wear clothes primarily to keep ourselves looking decent and to prevent one from catching a cold, but Celliant’s efforts might see the wearer benefit in a totally different way – where their responsive textile will be able to interact with the body’s […]

Toyota creates robots that assist patient mobility

Toyota recently gave a demonstration of some new robots that have been developed with Fujita Health University: machines that assist people who have trouble moving. First up, there’s a walking assistant for folks that have one paralyzed leg i.e. due to a stroke, but retain the use of their groin muscles. It attaches to one leg and can help them swing their leg back and forth as though they were […]

Jawbone Up wristband starts making its way to online stores

When Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman unveiled the Jawbone Up earlier this year, it certainly turned heads as this is no doubt totally different from what you would expect from the name ‘Jawbone’. After all, Jawbone had always meant a Bluetooth headset that offered unparalleled audio quality, relying on bone conduction technology to get the job done. While no official release date was revealed back then, it seems that the Jawbone […]

LG introduces “hospital grade” 42″ HDTV

Going to the hospital in general is not a pleasant experience. After all, no one enjoys being sick or hooked up to tube all day, right? Well LG seems to think so too and have announced what they are calling a 42” “hospital grade” HDTV, and supposedly the largest screen size in the industry for patient rooms.

Cyborgs experience less pain with new brain implant tech

The question is this – what is pain? Some of us identify with pain, whether physically, mentally or emotionally, while others are seemingly impervious to this so human feeling. What about cyborgs – are they able to feel pain? Well, MIT researchers have managed to figure out how to stimulate target nerves that results in less collateral pain for part-human, part-machine cyborgs. This is made possible by tweaking the electrical […]

Robot surgeon ensures your eyes remains safe and sound

To be a surgeon, one needs a steady pair of hands. Otherwise, you would not want a sensitive operation done on your eyes with one who has jittery hands, do you? Well, a robot will certainly eliminate all sorts of variables such as family problems, work pressure and the like, since a robot has no emotion. This is where the brainchild of PhD student Thijs Meenink will come in handy. […]

Electric Walking Aid prevents patient from falling over

As careful as senior citizens might be, some of them still suffer from falls – and many a fatal injury has been caused by a fall, so walking aids will definitely come in handy to prevent such unwanted tragedies. The Electric Walking Aid that you see above is something else – developed by Murata Manufacturing, this is basically the prototype version of an electric walking assistance car. Relying on current […]

Wearable fabrics get smarter

I figured out that since we have stuff like smart cars, smart TVs and smartphones, why not make another everyday item ‘smart’ as well? I’m talking about wearable fabrics that will not only keep you nice and warm, shielding you from the elements, but has a semblance of intelligence as well. According to John Volakis, the director of the ElectroScience Laboratory at Ohio State University, he and his team are […]