Panasonic’s Android Toughbooks’ Batteries Can Be Swapped On The Fly

If there is a “problem” with many a smartphone these days is that most of them are starting to feature batteries that cannot be swapped out or replaced easily. This means that if your phone’s battery is depleted, you can’t just swap in a fresh one. However Panasonic has decided to keep that feature around with its new Android Toughbooks.

Galaxy Tab S4 Iris Scanner Confirmed By Firmware

A couple of renders of the Galaxy Tab S4 have appeared online in recent weeks. Some of you may have noticed that Samsung’s upcoming flagship tablet doesn’t have a physical home button. So there’s no fingerprint sensor on the front but the renders also show that there isn’t one at the back as well. This meant that the tablet may not have the sensor and that does appear to be […]

Full Adobe Photoshop For iPad Being Developed

Apple has been focusing on enabling users to do much more with the iPad than they ever could. The company added many features with iOS 11 to offer PC-like functionality but there are still many core desktop apps that can’t run on the tablet just yet. At least Adobe seems to be stepping forward to bridge this gap. The company is reportedly developing a full version of its popular Photoshop […]

Galaxy Tab S4 Accessories Break Cover In Leaked Renders

The Galaxy Note 9 isn’t the only high-end product that Samsung fans are looking forward to. The company also has a new tablet in the pipeline which it’s due to release in a couple of months. A couple of new renders have been leaked online which provide us with our first look at the Galaxy Tab S4 accessories.


Microsoft Launches Surface Go Tablet For $399

There were reports that Microsoft could be launching a cheaper Surface tablet in the near future and the teaser that the company published yesterday suggested as much. The company has now announced the launch of its Surface Go tablet and as expected, it’s priced at $399. The idea with this product is to better compete against the iPad and Chromebooks which are popular in this price range.

Microsoft’s New Surface Tablet May Be Available For Purchase This Friday

Microsoft is expected to make a Surface-related announcement tomorrow. It has posted a teaser on the official Surface Twitter account which hints at the possibility of a new product launch. If recent reports are to be believed, the highly anticipated cheaper Surface tablet may finally be launched tomorrow. Some evidence has surfaced to suggest that the new Surface tablet may be available for purchase starting this Friday so there might […]

Microsoft Is Teasing A New Surface Announcement For Tomorrow

Microsoft has published a cryptic teaser on its official Twitter account which suggests that the company may be unveiling a new Surface device tomorrow. There have been reports recently that the company has developed a cheaper Surface tablet to take on the likes of the iPad. There’s a possibility that this much-rumored Surface device may be launched tomorrow.

Cheaper Surface Tablet To Feature Less Powerful Intel Chips

It was reported a couple of months ago that Microsoft is developing a cheaper lineup of Surface tablets to take on the iPad. Even though they are expected to cost around $400, they’re going to offer the full Windows 10 experience. A new report claims that the cheaper Surface tablets will feature less powerful Intel chips, they’ll have Pentium processors instead of the Core i5 and Core i7 chips offered […]

iOS 12 Beta Code Hints At iPad With Face ID

There have been multiple reports so far suggesting that Apple might release an iPad this year with Face ID. A developer has dug into the code of the latest iOS 12 beta and discovered a new avatar generation feature for the iPad which suggests that the company may indeed launch an iPad with Face ID.

Samsung DeX Dual Monitor Support Likely Coming Soon

Samsung introduced its DeX peripheral with the Galaxy S8 last year. It enables the device to power a PC-like experience on an external monitor that’s connected to the handset through the DeX Pad. It’s currently possible to use only one monitor with DeX at this point in time but a new report suggests that Samsung DeX dual monitor support is set to arrive later this year.

Amazon Transforms Fire Tablets Into Portable Echo Shows

Amazon has gradually been adding features to its Fire tablets that are present on its Echo smart devices. The company today announced a new firmware update for the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 which essentially transforms these tablets into portable Echo Shows. The update will add Show Mode to the tablets which brings the same title card user interface that’s present on the Echo Show, Amazon’s smart speaker […]

iPad With Face ID Reportedly Still On Track For 2018

Ever since Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone X last year, many have been wondering when the feature might find its way to other Apple devices. We have heard rumors that Face ID could be coming to the iPad, and that has since been “confirmed” by notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a research note obtained by MacRumors.

iPads Are Apparently Bad For Your Neck

There have been some studies in the past that have shown that using your smartphone too much can be bad for your neck. This is because of the stress and pressure you put on your neck while staring down at your phone, which during prolonged usage is actually quite bad for you.

Public Beta Of iOS 12 Now Available

When Apple announced iOS 12 during WWDC 2018, the beta was made available to developers more or less immediately. However as you might have heard or known by now, Apple has changed the way they’re approaching betas and in recent years have made betas open to the public as well.