DirecTV Gearing Up To Launch 3D-HD In 2010

What do you think is better than HD (High Definition)? HD in 3D, of course! It would seem that the folks are DirecTV are planning to launch an all HD 3D channel sometime in 2010. This will be possible thanks to a new DirecTV satellite being launched sometime soon, and should be fully operational by March 2010. With that in place, you should be served a variety of movies and sports that conform to the latest 3D standard. The good news in here is that all this should work just fine with your DirectTV HD box after a firmware update; but the bad news is that you’ll probably a need a new TV that is compatible with 3D, and there should be plenty of such TVs announced at CES 2010. Will be all be watching 3D HD movies by the end of 2010? We certainly hope so.

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