Camera Connection Kit For Apple iPad

The $499 entry price point of the Apple iPad might not seem all that steep to you, but when you start adding accessories to it, the bill might look rather different. You may or may not have noticed it during the presentation, but the iPad doesn’t have an SD card slot, nor does it have a USB port. So if you’re looking to transfer photos from your camera to the iPad, you’ll need to purchase the ‘camera connection kit’, which is basically a pair of adapters that can be attached to the connector at the bottom of the iPad, giving you either a USB port, or SD card slot. It would really have been nice if Apple had integrated both of those things into the iPad, but maybe it was not included to keep the device slim, though some folks are suggesting that Apple is deliberately leaving it out to sell more accessories. There isn’t any pricing information just yet on this, but stay tuned, and we’ll keep digging away.

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