Electrolux Heart Of The Home Kitchen Concept

This “Heart of the home” kitchen concept from Electrolux is certainly a kitchen we’d love to have sometime in the near future. With this design, we could probably do away with all those troublesome pots and pans that clutter up the kitchen. Toss various ingredients on top of the counter, select them, and you’ll be presented with various recipes using those ingredients. You can mark an area to cook your food, just push downwards, and it’ll deepen to allow you to cook your food there. Despite it seemingly being sunken into your counter, you can easily move your “pan” around the table. With this concept, the cooking surface feels more like art than your boring day-to-day routine, and it could easily become a gathering area for folks who drop by to visit. To grasp the full idea of this concept, you’ll really need to check out the video of it in action.

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