Scanning documents can be quite a painfully slow process, especially if you are using an older model. New scanners for the home user ain’t that speedy either, but how about this high speed scanner which is capable of digitizing an entire book as you flip through its pages? It has a scanning rate of approximately 200 pages per minute, and can only go faster from there. Thanks to professor Masatoshi Ishikawa from the University of Tokyo, this super fast book scanner could very well be the next big thing. It features a 1,280 x 1,024 pixel sensor which runs at 500 frames per second, where it is capable of capturing an image of the text and diagrams on a page, while a second pass will capture a series of parallel laser lines which allows software to calculate and correct for 3D deformations on the page as it’s being flipped. This is not a fully automated process though, so it will still require human assistance.

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