New Macbook Pro Unboxing (+Video)

The new Macbook Pro laptopshave arrived and here is an unboxing set of photos, along with a video (still processing in YouTube as I type). The new Macbook Pro keeps the unibody design pretty much intact and little has changed since last year. The only visible change that I noticed is the new MagSafe power connector design. I’m not sure why Apple has changed it, but I kind of liked the old one. The display resolution has been upgraded (as an option) to 1680×1050 (from 1440×900), which is great, although 1920×1200 would have been so much better. Inside, there’s a Core i7 Intel processor (check performance) and an NVIDIA GT 330. This is a great processor choice, but I would have preferred to see a 335M graphics processor. That would have made the MBP 15 a great gaming machine too. Enjoy the photo gallery and stay tuned for the full review of this laptop – don’t miss our iPad Review!

Update 4/20: We’ve published our complete Macbook Pro Review

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