Walmart to sell the iPhone 3GS for $97 starting tomorrow

Walmart has just told us that starting from tomorrow, the iPhone 3GS was going on sale there for the price of $97 that’s a $100 drop when compared to getting it from Apple itself. Of course, this is the price if you agree to get into a 2-yr contract, and it’s not clear if there are additional small prints in case you have to (or want to) cancel before the 2 years. However, if you plan to stay, there are no visible downside to this deal. Of course, this comes right before the iPhone 4G (or iPhone HD) is supposed to launch on June 9… so what will you do? Save $100 or wait for the next big thing, or not (I’d recommend to wait)? Don’t miss our iPhone 3GS review. Walmart iPhone page

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