Iseami House is self-sufficient where water and energy are concerned

Going green is the in-thing, and has been so for quite some time already. These days, plenty of new devices and designs which come out tend to be pleasant aesthetically as well as being eco-friendly. Robles Arquitectos is an architect who came up with the Iseami House in an isolated region of Peninsula de Osa in Costa Rica, where the building is self-sufficient in terms of water and energy. You will find a whole lot of eco-friendly technology within. As it stands a meter above the surface, it ensures humidity levels are reduced, while integrating a bunch of energy-saving systems that will ultimately reduce the load on its energy generators. Water sourced from the forest will be its water supply, while juice is provided by a couple of low-impact hydroelectric turbines which generate 800KWh of electricity. Apart from that, another 10,800KWh of electricity is provided by a rooftop solar array that was specially placed to maximize electricity generation. All materials used in the construction of the Iseami House were tested and approved to run in highly humid areas. Natural ventilation and illumination were also incorporated to reduce the need for artificial means. Don’t expect to see houses like these being built on a large scale in public housing areas anytime soon though.

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