Display Solutions offer d-screen Qi10

Display Solutions of Pixel Qi fame has something new for the masses this time around – we’re talking about the d-screen Qi10, an external 10-inch Pixel Qi display which will be juiced via USB or get this, viewed over wireless USB interfaces. While it comes with a similar 1024 x 600 resolution, it remains to be seen (pun intended) whether it will have better superior viewing angles as the regular Pixel Qi display. You definitely won’t find it to be a power hog, as it sips a mere 1.5W maximum via USB. No idea on pricing, but expect the d-screen Qi10 to hit the market by next month.

An outdoor comparison of Pixel Qi screen running off of USB-only compared to a standard LCD screen with 5-fold the power consumption (causing rapid battery drain in the case of standard LCD). Even with the high power load the standard LCD screen images aren’t visible, and the Pixel Qi screen images are crisp while just sipping low power from USB-only. We have also enabled wireless-USB solution is also enabled to allow driving the screen without tethers or wires at all – a new kind of tablet with connection to laptop or cellphone!

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