When it comes to displays on your consumer electronics devices, most of them do not fare too well outdoors, especially when they are used under bright sunlight. Well, perhaps with the help of Pixel Qi and their spanking new display solution which has made its way to trade shows for some time already, it might just provide the right answer to the question that begs a solution. Basically, Pixel Qi’s display resembles a standard color LCD display when indoors, and it views like a high contrast E Ink display whenever you are outdoors. Folks who have been wondering just what kind of devices sport the Pixel Qi display can look forward to 12 consumer-oriented devices with the sunlight viewable displays that are already in the market, such as the $1,299 Sol Computer Windows 7 tablet, the $749 Clover Systems SunBook netbook, the ZTE Light 2 tablet, and the most recent OLPC XO offerings.

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