Pixel Qi, the company which has not made much impact with its outdoor readable color displays with low power consumption has made an announcement with regards to its upcoming range of screens. The founder of the company which only about a dozen consumer devices, Mary Lou Jepsen said that the company has new architecture with 2048 x1536 resolution screens which are better and much more power-conscious than Apple’s new iPad Retina display. One of the major issues that the team behind the new iPad had to contend with was the battery capacity which had to be upgraded in order to maintain the same battery life that could be garnered from the iPad 2.

The factors which caused the major battery drainage in the new iPad were not only the stunningly beautiful display but also the LTE radio. According to the blog post by Jepsen however, Pixel Qi’s display only uses a fraction of the battery when compared to the new iPad and moreover, she added that the screen had better contrast, color saturation and viewing angles as well. Based on the power consumption chart that was provided (pictured above), her statement might be true but this is something that we would have to see to believe. Jepsen also says that the company is in the midst of finalizing development partners for the upcoming display so it seems that we might not have long to wait.

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