Gamestop offers pre-order watch for DS game

Releasing a video game these days isn’t as simple as making an announcement followed by rolling it out on the expected date. No sir, throwing in freebies as well as exclusive toys seem to be the norm, and limited or special editions are more than welcome. Gamestop has come up with an exclusive preorder watch for Aksys Games’ DS thriller Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. The game itself is an adventure title where nine people are aboard a sinking ship, and they are forced to play a twisted game so that they are able to escape alive – sounds like a premise for Saw, eh? The watch will be a marketing ploy, since characters within the game wear the same watch. The current time will be hidden beneath its shiny metal face, which will in turn glow bright red whenever a button is pressed. Out from November 15th onwards, it might just be too kiddy for most adults who own a DS. Play the game, but pass on the watch to your nephew.

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