Nikon fires salvo to Canon G11 with P7000

Nikon aims to make a splash in the high-end compact camera segment with their latest Coolpix P7000 shooter, which will certainly draw comparisons with Canon’s G11 in the process. The megapixel count will be less compared to the Coolpix P6000 with a 10.1 megapixel CCD sensor, but it is capable of shooting at ISO 6400 sensitivity natively and 12,800 when you make full use of the f/2.8-5.6 7.1x VR zoom lens. Other hardware specifications include a three-inch LCD display, full manual controls for those who want to start getting more serious in digital photography, an optical viewfinder and accessory hot shoe, RAW support, as well as the capability to shoot video at 720p resolution in 24fps. Expect the Coolpix P7000 to come with the standard range of Coolpix automatic adjustments and modes as it hits the retail market this month for $499.99 a pop. Guessthe P7000’s leaked image is spot on, eh?[Press Release]


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