150 Foot Slinging Snowball Xistera

For those of you who live in places where there is plenty of soft snow to go around, you might want to consider purchasing this $24.95 ‘weapon’ for your little one this winter. After all, he/she will definitely find it to come in handy during any neighborhood snowball fights, since it can hurl snowballs up to 150 feet away. Looking like the xistera used in jai alai, which is the curved basket used to launch the sport’s ball, the slinger’s curved trough will help propel snowballs with a whole lot of momentum in order to reach far off targets. A built-in mold which unfolds can press scooped snow into a tightly packed, perfectly round snowball for that perfect hit. Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes fame would certainly love to have the Xistera, this much we can tell you.


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