You know something? The older you get, chances are pretty high that you will need to pop more and more vitamins as well as other supplements along the way, but if you are not taking any preventive measures to safeguard your health, then you might be having your daily regiment of medication to make sure your body will hold out as long as possible. It is time to make life easier with the $249.95 Audio/Visual Alerting Pillbox then, as this particular pillbox offers both audible and visual alerts so that you will take your right dose of medication at the correct time.


For instance, when it is time to get those pills going down into your system, the pillbox will irritatingly (and rightly so) beep once every two seconds, while a green LED that is located on the front of the box will light up, in addition to the compartment which holds the corresponding medication lights up. There is an included software that allows you to hook up the pillbox to a computer, so that you can perform an initial setup and input the relevant prescription drug information and instructions. A four hour charge allows the Audio/Visual Alerting Pillbox to run for up to six weeks.

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