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No Glasses 3D Tablet Makes 3D Viewing More Convenient
We all know just how 3D movies made quite a buzz a few years ago when Avatar hit the silver screen. The thing is, there were not too many 3D movies after that which really managed to capture the rapt attention of the audience, and it has become a gimmick rather than a necessity. The Nintendo 3DS too, tried to ride on the 3D bandwagon where portable gaming is concerned, […]

Personal Hovercraft Now Seats Two
If you happen to have plenty of spare cash lying around at home or in the bank, then it would make plenty of sense to check out what gadget mavens Hammacher Schlemmer have up their sleeves this time around, where a cool £13,400 will net you this two person Hovercraft that you see above. The Hovercraft will help glide up to two adults on a 20 cm cushion of air […]

Audio/Visual Alerting Pillbox might make life easy for the forgetful
You know something? The older you get, chances are pretty high that you will need to pop more and more vitamins as well as other supplements along the way, but if you are not taking any preventive measures to safeguard your health, then you might be having your daily regiment of medication to make sure your body will hold out as long as possible. It is time to make life […]

Killer Whale Submarine
So you have seen the £5 million grenade-proof Rolls Royce Phantom, and sigh heavily, knowing that you would never be able to earn that kind of crazy money this lifetime in order to bring home such a ride. Well, if you happen to have just a small fraction of £5 million, I am sure that $100,000 is not too much to ask? That is because this is the asking price […]


iPad 2 Photograph Frame is expensive
If for some reason you think that the iPad is the perfect device to use as a photo frame, Hammacher has designed a product just for you. Called the iPad 2 Photograph Frame, it lets you turn your iPad into a digital photo frame. All you have to do is set your iPad 2 to show the pictures you want, turn it sideways and slide it into the dark cherry […]

LED wrench kills two birds with one stone
If you need to work with a wrench, chances are you will be looking at a rather dark or unlighted area – and apart from wearing one of those lights which are strapped to a helmet (or your forehead), why not make sure the wrench you’re holding comes with a built-in light? This is what the LED wrench is all about, where the built-in battery offers up to 5 hours […]

iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer
The iPhone is one versatile handset, and you can add the iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer to its fast growing list of capabilities. As the name suggests, this device will work in tandem with an iPhone to develop immersive, 3D viewing experiences. Just how does it work? Well, it marries the built-in accelerometer in the iPhone alongside free downloadable applications, allowing the 3D environments within to move whenever the iPhone is […]

Skier controlled tow boat puts the power in your hands
Love skiing? You might want to check out something that’s interesting though, the skier controlled tow boat which is unmanned – but that’s the whole purpose since it will be controlled fully by you, the skier. There will be half a dozen buttons on its control panel that is located on the tow rope handle, sending signals straight to the boat so that you can start, accelerate, decelerate, turn, or […]

Spy video camera looks like a Bluetooth headset
The next time you see someone with a suspicious-looking Bluetooth headset on somebody staring at you – you might be the subject of a hidden camera video. Hammacher has recently released the Bluetooth Headset Camcorder. Looking just like a regular Bluetooth Headset, it hooks around a user’s ear and has a mic that extends forward, and instead of only picking up audio, the camera lens at the end of the […]

This Remote Controlled Bald Eagle won't hunt fish for you
If you’ve ever wanted to fly like a bird, technology isn’t there for you to do that yet, but for now you can fly a bird. Hammacher has recently released a new toy to curb your flying enthusiasm if you like the idea of controlling a remote controlled bird. They’ve developed the Remote Controlled Bald Eagle that flies just like the real bird – making use of its 9.5′ wingspan […]

iPhone Screen Enlarger helps you skip the iPad path
You know what some people say about the iPad – it is just an iPhone (sans phone calling capabilities) with a much larger display. Well, for iPhone owners who envy the iPad’s larger display but are more than pleased with their “superphone” (and are on a tight budget, having to choose between the two), the iPhone Screen Enlarger will certainly offer you the best of both worlds. This device might […]

150 Foot Slinging Snowball Xistera
For those of you who live in places where there is plenty of soft snow to go around, you might want to consider purchasing this $24.95 ‘weapon’ for your little one this winter. After all, he/she will definitely find it to come in handy during any neighborhood snowball fights, since it can hurl snowballs up to 150 feet away. Looking like the xistera used in jai alai, which is the […]

Emotive Robotic Avatar costs a bomb to keep you entertained
Unless you’re really flush with cash, we wouldn’t recommend the Emotive Robotic Avatar which is but a robotic puppet that is able to convey nuanced emotions, which is in turn controlled by its operator from a remote command center. It will rely on a combination of eye expressions, antenna colors and body language to get its message across, while relying on the digitally modulated voice of its operator in order […]

Table Tennis Trainer
Love a game of ping pong – or in other words, table tennis? The Table Tennis Trainer is the perfect addition to your home then, where it will play on the principal of being a much smaller scale tennis ball machine, spitting out a steady stream of balls for you to fine tune your single’s game. Of course, once the machine has run its course, you will need to pick […]