If you happen to have plenty of spare cash lying around at home or in the bank, then it would make plenty of sense to check out what gadget mavens Hammacher Schlemmer have up their sleeves this time around, where a cool £13,400 will net you this two person Hovercraft that you see above. The Hovercraft will help glide up to two adults on a 20 cm cushion of air over water and land, capable of hitting speeds of up to 100 kph, now how about that? This is made possible thanks to a 60-horsepower two-cylinder, air-cooled gasoline engine which will power its 91cm diameter fan that sports half a dozen blades.


While it was designed for use on water, it is more than capable of making its way across other terrain such as ice, sand, mud, snow, or grass. Controlling the Hovercraft is a snap with its handlebars, while the right handle grip throttle will control your speed. It has received approval by the US Coast Guard, so you might want to drop an order for it sooner rather than later. Got to beat the Joneses, you know.

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